December 3, 2008

Busta Rhymes – “Arab Money” feat. Ron Browz

Video for Busta Rhymes “Arab Money” featuring Ron Browz, from the soon to be released B.O.M.B.. Directed By Rik Cordero.

21 Responses

  1. yeah I dont mind this track either, its really strange but in a good way, word to the Rick Ross cameo lol

  2. not feeling it. too much hook, not enough verse.

    other 2 busta songs from his new album are much better.

  3. you could obviously tell this track was spawned by an executive meeting that started alot like:

    “busta rhymes, you need to have a track on this album with the robot voice; sorry, company policy.”

  4. This is yet another instance of great concept with ZERO story. I can just imagine how the director story boarded this;
    Opening shot – desert mid day we see Busta and some other guy walking in the desert
    They come to the doors of a large palace, two sexy girls entice them to enter
    They enter and meet a rich Arab man on a throne
    Multiple shots of Busta doing stuff

  5. i like the bathroom floor mat he’s rocking at the end. hahah.

    watching that entire video made me hate myself a little bit more.

  6. I don’t mind this track… The hook is annoying but Busta tears the verses up…. The video is exceptionally corny.