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December 1, 2007

Cadence Weapon – “In Search of the Youth Crew” (mp3)

First single from Cadence Weapon’s new album Afterparty Babies dropping March 4th on Anti-/Epitaph.

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Cadence Weapon - "In Search of the Youth Crew" (mp3)

15 Responses

  1. haha
    this is awesome.
    alot more dance style shit that before, and i think thats gonna step on alot more rapp heads toes
    but you did again cadence, this is catchy as the clap.

    glad i got to catch the set at amigos this summer and im lookin forward to the new album.

  2. I like. Alot less complex than his Breaking Kayfabe stuff, but if u like to get ur sweaty-dance-all-night on, this is the jam. Myself I tread in both the realms of the lyricist and the sweaty-dance-all-night boogie man, so I can dig.

    Big ups to the Sylar reference, and the sample at the end.


  3. i’ve been listening to too much switch, actually

    gio and i listen to each other about equally

    thanks for the concern

  4. March 4th baby!!!

    Afterparty Babies:

    01 Do I Miss My Friends?
    02 In Search of the Youth Crew
    03 True Story
    04 Limited Edition OJ Slammer
    05 Juliann Wilding
    06 Real Estate
    07 Messages Matter
    08 Your Hair’s Not Clothes!
    09 Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like)
    10 The New Fashion
    11 Getting Dumb
    12 House Music
    13 Unsuccessful Club Nights
    14 We Move Away