May 18, 2009

Cage – “I Never Knew You” Video + Free EP

15 Responses

  1. do u have any idea wen the album is gonna b up an ready for download ive honestly been waitin infront of my pc the hole day…gettin rather emotional about it now

  2. Yah what the fuck? I kept waiting for something to happen in the video and in the track and it was basically 4 minutes of repetitive uninspired poetry/cinema…. 3/5

    I have very low hopes for this album now.

  3. oops, just noticed other songs are now available. We’ll see maybe they are better.

  4. That is the whitest rap video since “Fight For Your Right to Party”. I mean that in the worst way possible.

  5. Yah these beats are stellar, Cage seems real lazy with his lyrics on this though. Barely even rhyming or being descriptive anymore.

  6. haven’t decided if i’m really into this yet
    but follower the bleeder is my jam

  7. im digging this…except the first song. reminds me of a fuckin my chemical romance song. lol