Apr 12, 2010

Cam, Gram and G.A.M. – Party Til Your Body Stops


UGSMAG and Side Road Records are proud to present Party Til Your Body Stops by Cam, Gram and G.A.M. (Cam the Wizzard, Factor and Giovanni Anthony Marks aka Subtitle). The product of three weeks in Saskatoon at Factor’s house, the album quickly evolved from a couple of songs into a full blown project produced entirely by Factor.

All Raps: Cam and G.A.M.
All Beats: Gram
Cover: Ghostshrimp

Cam, Gram and G.A.M. is Cam the Wizzard, Factor and Giovanni Anthony Marks (Subtitle).


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  1. max prime

    holy shirlene i thought they forgot about doing this a year back

  2. Wizzard murrrrrders this lp!

  3. bondus G

    yeah finally!!!!!

  4. Hugh Morris

    Today was a good day…

  5. Cosm

    Word, sick cover for a sick album.

  6. big up to Noyz and Ugsmag, im glad people finally get to peep this shit.


    i changed the shit over for simplicity’s sake. word, thx to everyone for checking this.

  7. Nolto

    So happy because of this.

  8. kcom

    Glad this is finally out..!!

  9. Looks fucking amazing, Downloading now.

  10. ml78

    really feeling cam the wizard and factor.

  11. ceschi

    glad this came out guys…i think i’ve had this for 8 years already

  12. sometimes


  13. Sweet I thought this was going to be not free

  14. deejay emoh betta

    woooo hoooo!

  15. Manaz

    dope dope dope. always party til my body stops. haha

  16. joe dub

    finally this drops…that was a fuckin fun 2 weeks!

  17. sub

    I just said on facebook that I was going to finally put this out for REAL now that I have a “real label” like the rest of the dudes who have had this for no less than 8 years (hint, hint) but fuck it. IT’S AVAILABLE. thanks UGS…….

  18. ethik9

    i’m glad.

  19. kcom

    If that WAS 8 years ago…I’ve got to stop partying so hard. I’m glad it was only 3 though; I was starting to feel really old reading those comments..

  20. chadio

    fuckin rites

  21. the-girl-next-door

    I love a good threesome, especially when there’s a tounge twister involved…Robot, botty poppin’ certified!!

  22. Dope cover and album title….

    Im gona peep this

  23. D.L.ing this right now. Ghostshrimp always brings the awesome.

  24. Jeremiah Coleman

    This is pretty cool. Love the album cover. It’s got a sense of style that can’t be matched! Side Road Records ought to be real proud of this effort.