Jun 22, 2007

Canadian Rap MP3 Blog


moka only

Check out the dope new 100% Canadian Rap mp3 blog Living Underwater, by Birdapres, Fritz tha Cat, and DJ Moves. “Let us know what you want to hear… hdv? maestro? eq? hip club groove? dream warriors? old stuff, new stuff, commercial, underground, unreleased, demos, whatever… we’ll get it up here if it’s rap music from canada…”


  1. thanks for the post man. let us know what you wanna hear…

  2. Chi Litchi Latchi Lo

  3. Avatar chris

    i think you might find this hilarious.

    how about some jorun.

  4. That Paul Wall thing is super funny, added it to the ugsmag news.

  5. Avatar Ezra

    These guys have answered my prayers.

  6. Avatar rock

    Freaks Of Reality – Chi Litchi Latchi Lo….do it up

  7. Avatar Freaks Of Reality Fan

    For the love of God please upload Freaks of Reality Chi Litchi Latchi and send it to [email protected] I haven’t heard that song since 1995 my ears haven’t been blessed with that song for 14 years! Please help me!

  8. Is this blog active still even? Doesn’t seem so…


    PLEASE…FREAKS OF REALITY- CHI LITCHI LATCHI LO….. pleseeeeee…. been lookin for that song forever..anybody have it..or where can i download it from….

  10. Avatar GorJus

    I Might have that FOR on tape, see if I can dig it out

  11. Avatar bandito

    dude!!! Chi litchi latchi lo I remember seeing the video as a kid it always drove me insane… because i never new who it was!!! and the song was stuck in my head.. upload it

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