January 31, 2013

Cars & Trains Wants Your Samples for a Crowd Sourced Song

Send Cars & Trains your samples so he can make a song with you!

“i’d like to try to make a song with you. the idea is for as many people as possible to record samples that i’ll chop up and use to build a song. i’ll build the entire song on samples that you all have sent me. samples could be hand claps, hitting pots and pans, outdoor recordings, you singing a scale of notes, anything and everything. the recordings can be as hi-fidelity or lo-fi as you want. send in AIFF or WAV if you can. pro recordings, cell phone recordings, it doesn’t matter.

let’s say the song is in G Major if it’s of any help. let’s see what we can do. send your recordings to my soundcloud dropbox, or the email, [email protected]! send them by the end of february and we’ll see what we can do!”