Aug 1, 2007

Chamillionaire’s “Hip-Hop Police” Video


Chamillionaire as Bob O’WildyDope new video “Hip-Hop Police” (feat. Slick Rick) the first single from Chamillionaire’s forthcoming sophomore release Ultimate Victory. This 9 min epic is actually two videos in one, “Hip-Hop Police” and “Evening News”.


  1. J. Soul

    This video is good, I love the Slick Rick appearance…but I can’t help but notice that Seazon from TO (formerly Rikoshay) did a video that is almost EXACTLY like this’s called The Reporter and it was really good.

    Long live the ruler.

  2. slick rick steals the show but proly only for 1 percent of the peopl who will see this video hahaha chamillionaire is a dope rapper though

  3. Balzac

    that was ill

    never liked chamillionaire before, but this has potential

  4. kay

    This video is decent, that Seazon video is probably one of the worst hiphop video’s to date in my opinion. Same exact concept but…the Seazon video was hella weak and made him look like a joke rather than the video poking fun at the newsmedia. Regardless they both stole the idea from the Chappelle show. The new UGK video featuring Outkast is where its at right now…nuff said.
    P.S. Rick the ruler for prime minister.

  5. dj

    to this vid is dope man
    chamillionaire keep doin what you do baby

    yall who say its wack are sniffin that stuff

    power to the people!

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