Jan 22, 2010

Classified – “Oh… Canada” video



  1. This is probably the illest video to come out of Canada.

  2. Dope they got Lahey in there

  3. required

    sure are a lot of white people up there in canada.

  4. busted nut

    class has the bushiest eyebrows in canadian hip hop

  5. Plex

    I’ve mentioned Classified’s eyebrows on HHC. Maybe that’s why he won’t reply to cameo on my shit. Either that or I’m too wack.

  6. Deezuz,

    Did you ever service this video to Much? I really think you should if you haven’t. Stuey’s videos are crazy quality and your video is no exception.

  7. Hidden Identity

    I must say this is my least favorite Class track. Borderline commercial. I love his shit, but I can’t feel this at all. And the video with its lack of real representation is the cherry on the cake. The video looks good, its well produced but really plain. Not much imagination. And the track is anoying. I’m still going to grab the CD because im positive there’s better shit on it.

  8. me

    classified’s weird

  9. The beat is doper than I thought it’d be. Good-lookin’, Class.

  10. Number 3 on the Canuck iTunes chart. Not bad at all!

  11. Man…I gotta remember to log in when commenting.

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