Dec 22, 2008

Cooking for Wifey with Casual


Jonathan Owens teaching fellas how to cook for their wives.


  1. “Gotta edit that owwwt!”
    “CAST IRON, boi!”
    That was dope. For a second, I was like, “he eats pork?” Then it was revealed to be turkey sausage and beef bacon (that last one was new to me).

  2. Avatar rickrooster

    cooking for wifey sucks

  3. Avatar Wal Martian

    What’s the big deal with not eating pork? Besides religious reasons, why not eat it?

  4. Avatar countturrack

    like ive said before, they have these inventions called fridges now. foods tainted with the “foul spirit” of trichinnosis or whatever can now be “excersised”.

    in other news the world is also round…

  5. noyz’ cooking features are much better. ;)

  6. Avatar Balzac

    without the religious reasoning there is no reason not to eat pork.

  7. I assumed Cas might have some Five Percent/Islam leanings, but you know what they say about assuming.
    Personally, I partake of the bacon.

  8. Avatar staas

    as soon as i saw the word pork i knew cam would say the thing about fridges haha, i’ve been on ugs way too long

    anyways all meats are fucking disgusting but pork is miles away the worst

  9. if it wasn’t for meat eating we’d all still be small brain monkeys

  10. Avatar chris plus

    I dont mind Vegans to be quite honest if they are truly meat free, I commend there diligence, however if you claim to be a vegetarian but still eat dairy products and fish or whataver then you can jump off fuckin cliff headfirst, the gene pool doesnt need you

  11. Avatar staas

    how the fuck are dairy products meat?

  12. Avatar Timbulb

    Vegetarian: old indian word for shitty hunter

  13. Avatar chris plus


    Dairy products are not meat however they are an animal by product so if your a vegetarian that eats cheese why not just eat the entire fucking cow. All dairy cattle eventually end up in the slaughterhouse anyways so I don’t see the point of being a Vegetarian.

  14. Avatar staas

    fertilizer is an animal by product too but you need it to make vegetables, who cares really

    i’m not saying daiy cows don’t get treated badly,overmilked and eventually slaughtered, but it isn’t mandatory to kill them for their milk

    plus the fact that bacon is a greasy dead body, while eggs are delicious is plenty reason to only the one

  15. Avatar chris plus


    Like I said before vegans are cool, vegetarians are a bunch of clueless assholes.

  16. meat makes me physically sick. It’s not a choice of being an asshole, or religious beliefs, or pseudo vegetarian bullshit , i vomit when i eat meat. and i don’t know anyone who chooses to feel sick when they eat.

    meat, raisins, and onions. yuck.

    so that makes me what i am.


  17. Avatar countturrack

    word, basically listening to your body is always best.

    mine says “bacon”…..

  18. man, he sucks at cracking eggs.

  19. mmmmm nice crispy bacon. i eat bacon like pigs are gonna be extinct tomorrow.

  20. Avatar Balzac

    like ice-t said to Farrakhan ” “I’m down with the Muslims and understand your religion can be very uplifting, but I can’t give up my bacon. “

  21. Avatar Timbulb

    Meat, raisins and onions. That combo would make me sick too. Try some different recipes.

  22. no one mentioned how he had pine-sol WAY close in the background like it was a secret ingredient. I find that pork has more fat when it comes to bacon (even though people like that) and pork that isn’t from some bomb ass, properly raised pig makes me sick. while bad meat can kill you, I like to believe that if a edible carnivorous animal had the ability to, they would cook and eat a human with a quickness. this has given me the strength and intestinal will to chop up a well prepared creature after it has been flayed over a enclosed open fire in past times. that being said, I saw FRESH seafood recently and pulling off a shrimp’s head and legs is not tight whatsoever. neither is digging thru an excavated carcass and eating it’s muscles and eggs. I went to some new year’s celebration and they were roasting a freshly killed (and hopefully cleaned) pig from a nearby farm (this was in france) and I have never been so repulsed in my life. the sight of charred flesh sitting to the side of a headless vivisected body hung upside down “hogtied” is crazy as fuck. that was enough to make me go back to fucking with vegetables for a while. don’t forget vegetables are alive too and ALL LIFE IS LIVING.

  23. Avatar max prime


  24. Avatar SlopEye


    December 23, 2008
    Vegetarian: old indian word for shitty hunter
    hhahhaa!!! no doubt!!!
    If theres anything better than pulling a fish out of the water and cleaning & eating it right then and there, i dont wanna know about it…

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