December 14, 2000


Copywrite78With his new album “The High Exaulted” set to be released this winter off of Rawkus Records/Eastern Conference MHZ frontman Copywrite78 steps into the hotseat to reveal what’s on the horizon for him as a solo artist and his sensitive side? Huh! Peep the Interview

Jbutters: Most groups usually come out with an LP and then release solo material. Why is your crew putting out solo’s first and then the group LP and what do you hope to gain from this?

COPYWRITE: The MHz is putting out solo shit first because, #1 we can & because we are all solo artists anyway to begin with. We’re doing this cause we have done so much group shit in the past (Jakki excluded) & right now, we are at the point where we don’t want have to compromise with anyone else. Expect a MHz 12″ on Eastern Conference soon though.

JB: Do you feel that putting out solos would actually prolong the life of a group because you don’t have to compromise with other members?

C: Yeah. It’s just like when you’re roommates with somebody. Your gonna need your space or your gonna flip out & hate the muthafuckers’ guts. People need space & that’s exactly what this is.

JB: How do you feel about having your release coming off of Rawkus?

C: I’m gonna be honest. It’s whatever. If my single dropped on wrap records, I know that heads that feel my shit would have copped it when they saw it. Label names don’t really concern me. ESPECIALLY that one.

JB: A lot of times when an artist puts out a solo album they have mad unreleased shit or songs they wrote a while ago but never used will that be the case with your album or is it all new material

C: Not at all. My album is all new material. I’ve never even done a solo song before, signed or unsigned. “Holier Than Thou” was my very first stab ever at a solo song & this album is completely new shit.

JB: Speaking of “Holier Than Thou” I kind of noticed you have a few songs with religious titles is there any significance to that?

C: Nah, other than the fact I used to be kind of spiritual. Nowadays I can’t walk out of a store without stealing, but that’s another story. It’s weird, I’ll just come up with lines & they’ll just so happen to be sacrilegious, I’m not against God or any shit like that. I love the guy, but I mean I’m thinking with my penis.

JB: Haha Why aren’t you spiritual anymore though?

C: To put it short & sweet I stopped givin’ a shit. I started gettin’ a lot more selfish & that’s the point I’m at now. I know if I were to die tomorrow, I’d burn in hell eternally. I just really don’t care.

JB: If you had only one day to live what would you do?

C: Rob a bank, give the money to my family, rape every bitch that I find attractive, be the biggest dick that ever walked the face of the earth, & blow up every major label. I’d try & find time to chill with my boys & also record mad material. All the new shit I haven’t recorded & write a will out too.

JB: Damn that’s a lot for one day

C: I try to keep busy.

JB: Yo in a lot of your songs you sound pretty pissed off what’s the first thing you think about before you spit a rhyme kicking someone’s ass?

C: How mutherfuckers have been rhymin’ for years & STILL haven’t caught on & how they need a nice muthafucka to educate them on how it’s executed.

JB: Where do you stay at right now last time I checked you were moving back and forth between Columbus and NYC

C: I lived in NY last time you checked, I was just visiting Columbus. I’m in Middletown, NY, where little girls & dogs procreate. I’ll be back in oh-10 though.

JB: Have you ever performed at Scribble Jam?

C: Yeah, a little after “World premier” dropped, in ’98.

JB: You ever thought about entering the MC battle?

C: Yeah I just haven’t had the time right now. As soon as I get this album out the way & shit I plan on gettin’ in battles. Jakki & me already spoke on that.

JB: I’ve been hearing a lot about the Weathermen lately what are some positives being in a crew like that offer you as an artist?

C: It’s like this, when we drop shit, Cage fans get a chance to hear my shit, EL-P’s fans get a chance to hear Jakki’s shit, cats that know Breeze, but may not know Yak will get a chance to hear Yak’s shit & so on & so forth. Those are basically the perks, besides the fact were one of the underground’s most powerful crews.

JB: Any other incentives like an ill benefits package or 401k plan

C: Nice dental plan & we share pussy.

JB: So I’m guessing you get mad groupies I saw a picture on the Eastern Conference site of you holding some chick’s breast where can I meet women like that?

C: At your local brothel or Willus Drummond’s mom’s house

JB: What’s up with the new pic on the front of the

C: That’s some dumb whore that got drunk, fucked & used for a homepage. I did it, simply because I thought she was a nice girl & needed the exposure.

JB: How long have you been making beats and do you see yourself as a more accomplished MC or producer, which do you put more time into?

C: Emceeing. Most definitely. I don’t take myself serious as a producer. I know I can make ill beats, because that’s just my attitude. Anything I’m gonna spend my time on ISN’T gonna be wack, unless I want it to. I’ve been doing beats since about 97-98.It’s all about knowing how shit should sound. I also don’t really like rhymin’ to my own beats.

JB: Why not?

C: I dunno. It’s just not fun to me. It’s like me talkin’ to myself in my bedroom. It’s more fun to find a cat with an ill beat & team up with him, that’s why if you notice all the beats I’ve produced I haven’t rhymed to by myself, “Widespread” is Jakki’s joint & we rocked it together, the MHz joint on my album, “3 Words” is produced by me, but it’s me, Tage proto & Camu tao rockin’ on it.

JB: So then I’m guessing your album is gonna have mad production from other cats

C: Yeah. I only did one track.

JB: How many producers you got on there and who

C: Rjd2, Mighty Mi, Intalec & El-p so far. Count on me to do some production on Jakki’s EP, the Weathermen album & Cage’s album as well. Not much though.

JB: What do you predict will happen once the album drops. What’s your “Forecast”?

C: My forecast is I’ll have a little more dough to blow on strip clubs, I’ll have a bigger fanbase & it’ll just open more opportunities…like me gettin’ my ex-girl back.

JB: With all the groupies why would you want your ex girl back

C: I love her. But I’m a fuckin’ idiot.

JB: So why is she your ex girl?

C: Cause I could fuck up a soup sandwich.

JB: Haha do you want me to edit this out? I don’t want the cats on the MHZ message board thinking your soft

C: I don’t give a fuck. I am soft. I’m into hippie hop. I like Anticon.

JB: I like some of them

C: To each his own.

JB: Don’t you like Beanie Seigel or something too

C: Huh? Nah, not really. I mean he’s ok, I like Jay-z

JB: Word your underground though you’re supposed to hate all those guys heh

C: “I’m underground, but don’t follow underground stereotypes” —Jakki the mota mouth

JB: I read in one of your interviews on your dream record you would have Jesus on the hook would you have him reading scriptures or what?

C: Nah, talkin’ shit off his head. Who could fuck with that? Who’s gonna say “Jesus’ part was weak!” you know??

JB: Hahaha that would be an ill interlude

C: Hell yeah it might.

JB: Do you ever see yourself producing for other cats outside your crew

C: Yeah. beats for anyone with the money to pay for them.

JB: A true businessman

C: Nah not really. The only kid I really enjoy givin’ beats to is Jakki. He seems to be the only emcee that really feels my shit. Haha

JB: Do you feel it is important for all artists to become self reliant producing beats and eventually putting out their own music on an independent label

C: Yes. Once you learn, fly away!!!!!!!

JB: What are some of your long term and short term goals inside and outside of hiphop?

C: Expanding limits, giving teeny boppers hope, being “the next dope shit” & buying lots of trucks.

JB: Do you have a favorite quote or saying that helps you guide your life?

C: “Why buy the cow when you can get the sex for free?”

JB: haha So you don’t have any plans on getting married

C: Nah, playboy.

JB: If you wrote a book about your life what would be the title?

C: Mr.fuck up

JB: Will you be performing anytime soon to hype up the album release?

C: Definitely.

JB: Any dates or events confirmed

C: Nah nothing definite.

JB: Why did you feel you needed to move to NYC to put out your music?

C: I love Columbus & I can’t wait to go back, BUT I would have been lying to myself & short changing myself if I would have stayed in Columbus, only because it’s too far to commute to record & I wanted to do this so that I couldn’t regret it later in life. Let’s face it, New York is the mecca of hiphop. Columbus Ohio’s scene is one open Mic, with mad ill cats. The only downfall to Columbus is cats love to hate. As soon as they see you makin’ moves they don’t like you anymore. The heads that rhyme usually are jealous & wanna hate cause they aren’t in your shoes. Peace to Greenhouse effect, Jakki, Intalec, Sample God, Phazo, Lozone, Truskillz, Drastic, Epic, Bombay, Illogic, Anon, Letter People, 3 ms, Prizm, Metro, Flip everyone else, basically eat a dick.

JB: What new shit will your album bring that separates you from everything else dropping these days?

C: What has separated me from most cats in the past. The fact that I take time with my shit. I make sure I love everything that I spit or rhyme to. I’m not one of these Canibus cats that put out a wack album, complain about the beats & then drop another fuckin’ wack album.

JB: Haha How come you weren’t on the Smut Peddlers album out of curiosity

C: They didn’t want mad guest appearances & that’s only an EP, not the album. Most of the album they already had recorded before I moved out here anyway.

JB: That’s only an EP?

C: yeah. Porn Again is a “FOOT LONG LENGTH EP” the album drops later this year.

JB: I saw some pics on your site with Beetlejuice on there you a big fan? haha

C: He’s hilarious, but I wouldn’t go so far as to saying I’m a “big fan” he’s a funny midget idiot, but that’s about it. Now, Kevin Smith on the other hand, I’m definitely a fan of his.

JB: Kevin Smith?

C: He directed & wrote Mallrats, Clerks & Dogma.

JB: He is the dude in Dogma that hardly talked right?

C: Yeah, silent bob

JB: Did you like Dogma I don’t know about that one, I thought it was going to be funnier?

C: Dogma is ill, but you must be a new jack. Go check Clerks first. Then Mallrats, then skip Chasing Amy, then Dogma, then Scream 3 for the Jay & Silent Bob cameo

JB: What is one thing that you want everyone reading this interview to know?

C: That Copywrite78 is more than just a battle rhymer. I’m a sensitive guy with needs. I need affection, love & sloppy dick sucks.

JB: Haha Aight Promotion time and shouts and all that, you can say what’s up to your ex and show your sensitive side

C: My ex don’t know shit about underground hip hop. I’ll just shout out my friends. Peace to Tero Jones, Elliot Mcdaniel, Masia Bey, Yasher Mahagazaday, Ramble Krohn, Derek Baldwin & the rest of the Smith brothers. Go there muthafuckas! “The High Exhaulted” drops March sometime, steal it if you gotta. It will come with instructions on how to steal it on the back. I’m all for the poor.

JB: Haha what if they download it?

C: I’d rather them get their lazy asses out the house & at least steal it, shit at least if they risk their freedom it’ll show me some kind of support.