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November 17, 2011

David Ramos – La Tua Mancanza

David Ramos - La Tua Mancanza

David Ramos – “Hollow Days” Prod. Tommy V

New limited edition cd/cassette tape, La Tua Mancanza, out today on Fake Four Inc.

“The tape is finally here. It turns out that it takes forever to make a tape. Apparently the tape manufacturing industry hasn’t been this overwhelmed since the early 90’s! However, the reason I chose to make a tape for this very personal and very limited album is not to jump on some hip, nostalgia driven bandwagon. Although the nostalgia aspect of the tape combined with the theme of the record did play a role in my decision, it is not the sole purpose I chose cassette. The real intention is that I wanted this record to be listened to in its entirety at least once. For that purpose, there will be no degraded sound quality mp3’s available to skip around (sorry steve jobs). I know that not everyone has a tape player, but I do think that at least 100 people might. For those of you who do not have cassette players, if you buy this tape I will give you a future free download of my “official” release (which will contain several of the songs from the tape along with other songs). Anyways, this is probably the most personal and meaningful record that I will ever make. I wish with all of my heart that my Nonni were sitting next to me right now, and none of these songs existed. I can only hope that this music succeeds in expressing at least a fraction of the love that I feel for my Grandmother. Nonna Bella, sei il mio cuore e sento la tua mancanza ogni giorno di piu.” – David Ramos