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June 13, 2008

Deepcave and Factor

Deepcave and FactorFactor of Sideroad Records combines with Winnipeg hip hop vets Deepcave (Royal-T, Big Bear, Lev, P-Nut of Dead Indians and 40oz) to drop their self titled Deepcave and Factor CD, in stores now! Featuring guest spots from Awol One, John Smith, Nolto, Kay the Aquanaut, and Stacey James.


1 Drip (feat. Stacey James)
2 Slay The Beat (feat. Nolto)
3 Gutter Grime
4 Villains (feat. John Smith)
5 Woke Up (feat. Awol One)
6 Step Away From My Dinner
7 All I Got is My Word (feat. Kay the Aquanaut)
8 Things Seem So Great
9 Just Give’er
10 Anticipation (feat. Kay The Aquanaut)
11 Summer Slam (feat. Stacey James)
12 Blam
13 Villains (feat. John Smith)
14 Woke Up (feat. Awol One)
15 Step Away From My Dinner
16 Summer Slam (feat. Stacey James)

Winnipeg CD Relase Party, Sunday June 29th
@ Ozzy’s (160 Osborne) with live performances by Deepcave and the NWO featuring John Smith. 10 bucks at the door will get you in + your very own copy of the new album.


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5 Responses

  1. wooord.
    gonna have to cop this real soon.
    from the few tracks ive heard its doooope.