August 19, 2007

Def 3 and Moka Only – Dog River

Def 3 and Moka Only join forces for the new album Dog River, in stores Sept 25 on Ship Records.

Def 3 and Moka Only - Dog River

5 Responses

  1. This album I is definitely for all the true hiphop heads. The only bad thing about this album from reviews I’ve read is that the songs are too short. If that is the only thing bad that people can say about this album then that should speak for itself.

  2. This album IS hip-hop. There would be no canadian hip-hop without this album. The dope breaks, the ill lyrical mastery, the head-noddingest album of all albums. Move over DJ Premier, sit down Lord Finesse, this is hip-hop! Bitches.

  3. yeah this album is really sick…we played it 5 times driving back form edmonton to van…..the factor beat is ridiculous really.

    moka is still one of my favorites of all time