Feb 3, 2010

Die Antwoord – “Enter The Ninja” video


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  1. greezygrey

    Haahaa! What did I just watch?

  2. this is genius! hahaha!

  3. absolutely brilliant.

    one of the best videos i’ve ever seen.

  4. whatever man…. fuck.

  5. the-girl-next-door

    Do no watch this high

  6. the-girl-next-door

    Sorry, try again…Do not watch this high

  7. Ape Face

    this is like a rap version of the hills have eyes.

    creepy people

  8. This would sound so good in a club, with that 808 sound.

  9. Choko

    …futuristic…no lies

  10. kcom

    That little dude from the video scratching.

  11. That’s not the same dude.

  12. what?

    this is like Gummo rap

  13. ...

    it is the same dude

  14. datsun

    South African rap.
    check out tumi and the volume, they on some blackalitious ish.
    good looking

  15. Cosm

    The song is god awful.

  16. Wtf is that creature and why would someone invest their time in this video?! and those GOONS

  17. glenn

    good for me

  18. The r

    Wasn’t this posted like 6 months ago?

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