April 26, 2000

Dinji Brown – SOS

(Seven Heads) 2000

Dinji Brown is a vet, straight up. From rhyming to engineering, Brown ‘Sir Round’ has been involved in the Rap game longer than an outstretched Manute Bol, yet lurking in the background was more aptly a place you’d find him. “State Of Stagnation” marks his step towards the forefront. Produced and written by the man himself, “SOS (State Of Stagnation)” bubbles with the stature of a Public Enemy in their prime yet remains contemporary enough to compete with the masses of saturated groups and concepts that have stagnated Hip-Hop to mind numbing proportions. “Good Guys Where Brown” raises the BMP in turn intensifying Brown’s classical character as lingering shrieks and a steady bassline churn out a great minute-long banger. Closing the 12″ is an interesting dub instrumentation entitled “Rockers 2000”, proving a versatility and understanding of music not seen in many of today’s “top” producers. Proving a solid, unabashed and not to-be-slept-on single, find Dinji Brown!