Serengeti – Kaleidoscope

I wrote this on Instagram a few months ago and, even though UGSMAG doesn't really do reviews anymore, I figured I might as well post it here since Kaleidoscope is now finally on vinyl...

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Plex – Brainstorm

New Leaf Entertainment, 2009 There’s a refreshing feeling to receiving a debut disc from an artist you know has put in a ...

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Reefill fka Gumball (Frek Sho)

Frek Sho's Gumball has resurfaced with a new name and a debut self-produced solo album.

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AOK – If you don’t buy this CD the terrorists win

Edmonton is a strange place for hip hop. You never know what to expect when someone new steps up to bat; and you probably have no idea what to expect from AOK’s debut CD, If You Don’t Buy This CD The Terrorists Win.

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Red Ants – Omega Point

Red Ants - Omega PointRed Ants are back with what might be their last album (for a while at least).

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Ecid – Economy Size goDD Costume

Enter pessimist extraordinaire and poetic extremist Ecid, a Minnesotan hip hop artist who does it all

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Serengeti – Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Serengeti is all of my favourite rappers rolled into one; I cannot think of another emcee who comes as diverse and original from album-to-album and even track-to-track.

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Once a Hue, Always a Hue

Tokyo's Hue Records have been one of the more notable new labels to arise over the past few years.

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Jon B – Beat Diarya

Is the famous 1990's R&B singer back to resurrect Tupac for another hit single? Apparently not; this is a different Jon B altogether, one who is actually a pretty dope producer from Edmonton...

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Sean Kingston – Sean Kingston

Sony, 2007 If you’re like me, Sean Kingston’s first 2 singles were stuck in your head for the entire summer. Even if ...

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Serengeti & Polyphonic – Dont Give Up

After hearing this album Serengeti became my favourite Chicago rapper. Dont Give Up is his team-up with producer Polyphonic (one of his label mates on Audio 8.

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