April 26, 2017

Serengeti – Kaleidoscope

I wrote this on Instagram a few months ago and, even though UGSMAG doesn’t really do reviews anymore, I figured I might as well post it here since Kaleidoscope is now finally on vinyl… well four of the ten songs anyway. Get the 12-inch from Serengeti on tour or from Joyful Noise.

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Shit eats tapes! ????? 'Kaleidoscope' is easily one of the best albums to drop this past year and it's on god damn cassette only, no digital version even! In some ways I love that even though this is one of Serengeti's greatest albums, only ? lucky people get to hear this amazing tape… but now that my copy is probably fucked I'm not feeling too special anymore. This album really sounds much like a 2016 version of Geti's 2006 LP 'Gasoline Rainbows,' except upbeat pop instead of indie rock and refined instead of rough. Old 'GR' is still one of my favourite Geti albums, but there are a few tracks that either didn't fit with the rock theme or just missed the mark production wise; on 'Kaleidoscope' there are no missteps. The album is produced by Rob Kleiner (who apparently also produces for CeeLo, Brittney Spears, Kylie Minogue, The Weekend, and Sia) so there is a polished pop quality where every unique and diverse track still feels like it's definitely part of the same project. This album sounds "produced" in a good way… a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis way, versus a hey can I get beat from you way. The real stars on this album are Skyler Stonestreet, Owlle, Amy Stroud and the other women featured alongside Serengeti; you'll have all of their hooks stuck in your head forever. What you get on 'Kaleidoscope' is ten perfect pop songs with Serengeti unabashedly doing what he does best, which is diving into any type of song and effortlessly rapping, crooning and clowning his way out. Now everybody go tell @serengetidave he needs to get this album out on vinyl and digital.

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