April 3, 2008

Serengeti – Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Serengeti - Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!)Audio 8, 2008

Serengeti is all of my favourite rappers rolled into one; I cannot think of another emcee who comes as diverse and original from album-to-album and even track-to-track. Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!) is billed as a re-release of the 2006 version of Dennehy, but with seven new songs, new skits, and re-mixed / re-mastered versions of the originals, it is really much more. Based on a screenplay written by Serengeti, the album fittingly plays out as a Chicago hip hop musical with Geti impressively acting each role and providing snapshots into the troubled everyday lives of his entertaining cast. The highlights are the raps, but consistently tight production from Emynd and Midas Wells, amongst a few others, definitely help to further elevate the album. If there was a best actor nod given for fictional rap album performances it would have to go to Kenny, Serengeti’s charming star of Dennehy, a stereotypical Chicago resident who would be perfectly at home on SNL’s Superfans skit. Kenny would tell you to go grab a case of O’Douls and pick up Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!).

Serengeti “Dennehy”

Serengeti “I Don’t Know”

11 Responses

  1. dope. he’s a tight rapper that i like more and more each time i check something new.

  2. is this alot better than the OG version?

    I got the OG version and there’s a handful of DOPE DOPE tracks on there but also a bunch of really weak uninspired filler tracks (imo). Is this a vast improvement upon the original?


  3. I have both and I think the new is way better than the OG release, its much tighter now. I wasn’t a big fan of some of the “Derek” tracks on the old version and most of those are now gone, replaced by much better tracks.

  4. Don’t sleep on the original release though, there are some dope tracks that were left off. Derek In Paris, Derek & Feeding are well worth checking out.

    Regardless, I copped the re-release. It flows much better and I never really saw how the Derek tracks made sense the first time around anyway.

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