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June 21, 2008

DJ Desks

For those looking for a more sophisticated turntable setup, these DJ Desks from Metrofarm may be the answer. Each is custom made from a variety of different materials and finishes to fit the technical equipment of your choice.

DJ Desk: WoodVeneered Wood

DJ Desk: BlackWood Painted Black

DJ Desk: ConcreteConcrete and Linoleum

DJ Desk: ChromeFolded Stainless Steel

DJ Desk: Chrome close-up

9 Responses

  1. Building the hardware into the table like the last pic looks amazing… but there is no way that shit would not be susceptible to thud rumble and wobble wobble. I feel like even looking too hard at one of those desks would make your shit skip halfway to the bonus track.

    Maybe it’s heavier than it looks, but not having any shock mounting would be the killer.

    I’m surprised, given that they’re custom, that nothing is shown that more closely resembles a tight battle configuration – even though I can’t do crazy trick mixes on my best day, I keep my tables at 90 degrees because it’s more comfortable.

  2. despite looking nice and heavy, it’s still really shallow (front-to-back) which makes me worry that it would rock a little and also there’s room for a small central american republic between those two tables. I just don’t think these designs are intended for hip-hop DJs.

  3. it would be a huge pain to take to a gig

    so i’d imagine it’s more for bedroom djs, who likely would never spend the amount it costs

    so overall, another really fancy record player that everyone will think is cool,but barely anyone will ever buy

  4. word you incoherent smudge-puffin! What about the concrete and linoleum number?

  5. looks dope but then the mixer and the tables are far apart
    so not really good for hip hop dj’s
    plus is like my table big for 2 set ups
    i guess if your more into a asthetically pleasing set up this would be dope
    but 2 hella solid steel saw horses and a big ass door does the trick for me.

  6. If you turned them 90 degrees and moved everything closer together i’m sure it’d be wide enough front-to-back that it wouldn’t rock, especially with the concrete legs. If you had money for two setups, one for home and one for the road i think it’d be dope, more like something you’d get for your house instead of buying a Steinway.

  7. Yeah I guess the fact that they’re custom kind of negates my complaints, since they could just as easily be done differently. I’d just hate for them to wobble after blowing that kind of sincere dough on them!

    The home steinway analogy is apt, but it seems even more like they’d make sense to install in a club where the DJ is featured strongly.

    If you rotated them and brought them close together with a built in mixer, the dopest thing for touring would be to put handles on it and have legs that fold up. Steadiness would be a serious issue, plus it would weigh a ton… but you would be the MACK.