Nov 12, 2008

Dragon Fli Empire ft. Cadence Weapon – “Outside Inn” [video]


DFE connects with Cadence Weapon for “Outside Inn” the first video off of their upcoming album, Redefine. Video directed by Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi. Redefine is coming in January 2009 and also features Masta Ace, Raashan Ahmad, Ohmega Watts, Josh Martinez and Moka Only.

For more info check out

Dragon Fli Empire – Redefine coming soon
Dragon Fli Empire – Intermission EP


  1. Chaps

    This is dope! Can’t wait for the album in January!

  2. staas

    the cosm part was definitely the highlight lol

    100% dope song

  3. Balzac

    beats real dope.

    cadence had a sick verse.

    good work

  4. So cool. I love what the music biz has done to the video lately. Folks are going to real simple concepts and/or guerrilla style filming outdoors. It’s refreshing! The track is dope, and this was fun to watch.

  5. Birdapres

    This is really cool.

  6. Nolto

    Everything about this song/video is wonderful.

  7. Mike Brown, Yo!


  8. Lingo

    I love tariks wide eyes! haha. thats my favorite part about him rapping.

  9. Congrats homies! I’m excited for this album…

  10. doctor who?

    Dope song, dope video, but this caught my attention the most…

    “Redefine is coming in January 2009 and also features Masta Ace, Raashan Ahmad, Ohmega Watts, Josh Martinez and Moka Only.”

    Jesus H. Christ you guys are making moves. Masta Ace?!?!?!?!!

  11. Wizzard cameo!
    i dont understand the point of the walking back and forth thing, but it was well done, and a good track……got the ep when we ran into you guys at warped tour, and it was fresh….looking forward to the full length!

  12. franticartillery

    teekay’s robot is awesome.

    this song is ill.

  13. Baggylean

    I’ll be honest.

    This video is totally shit.

    Dope track, though.

  14. jawns b

    I thought I was the only one who thought this…I’ve been listening to the EP constantly (I’m listening to it right now). I wish we could have got together in August Teekay. Just know I’m still down to work with you guys!

  15. I’m excited to do more videos for this album, so hit me up JonB and let me know when you’re going to be in Alberta again. Thanks for all the comments everyone… Outside Inn has been nominated for a CBC Radio 3 “Bucky Award” for Best Collaboration. CGY was also nominated for Best Canadian Song. Please vote for both tracks at

    Peace + respect

  16. max prime

    cadence drops a nice verse on this

  17. The video and the music is so PHAT that it’s dope. I look forward to buying my first copy of Redefine

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