Oct 23, 2008

Dragon Fli Empire – Redefine coming soon

Raashan Ahmad & Cosm

Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) and Cosm (DFE)

DFE’s third full-length album Redefine is out now in Japan on P-Vine Records and will be dropping in North America early 2009. Check out their myspace to preview a track from the album, “The Ride” featuring Raashan Ahmad of the Crown City Rockers.

Dragon Fli Empire – Intermission EP


  1. I’m super pumped for this album!

  2. metawon

    Me too. Cosm looks kinda cockeyed there, hahaha.

  3. staas

    feelin’ the new track, teekay’s flow on the track is really funky, rahsaan too,very fresh, nice beat too

  4. SonnyCookout

    Haha, whats that you want in your eye John??

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