May 8, 2009

Edmonton’s Second Annual Hip Hop in the Park – May 23

Edmonton's Second Annual Hip Hop in the Park - May 23

Hip Hop in the Park, Edmonton’s successful hip-hop block party that premiered last year, is back again.

We are doing it even bigger this year, with more food, more staff and more activities. From noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 23, we’re welcoming anybody, hip-hop heads or hip-hop novices, to come on down to Louise McKinney Riverfront Park (south of Shaw Conference Centre, 9529 Grierson Hill) to tag a graffiti wall, spit a freestyle rap, dance on the linoleum, enjoy the food or participate in a workshop at the gazebo. One thousand people are expected to come. It’s free.

For schedule of performers and workshops, visit

13 Responses

  1. This is so worth going to just for the fact that you can put so many faces to the phenomenon known as ugsmag. People should have to wear nametags with their rap names and their pre-redesign ugsmag handles.

  2. This will be excellent. Hope it’s sunny.

    Is there a liquor license for this event or what?

  3. fuck yeah, i’m stoked to rock some tracks, and drink some beers with the homies! And who needs a liquor license? Just make yourself an LBA sleeve!

  4. i’ll be rocking mad sleeves. regular pop cans for normal beers, rockstar cans for tallboys, and arizona ice tea cans for king cans.

    only lynch pin for this event is the weather.

  5. HAHA Nice!! Balzac is the King of Sleeves as he proved last year! hey homie at least if it rains your beer will be colder 😉

    1. I don’t know man. DJ Skrelick out in Banff might compete for that King of Sleeves title. Balzac and Skrelick need to have a sleeve-off sometime.