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May 2, 2009

Eminem – “3 a.m.” video

Relapse in stores May 19th. Directed by Syndrome.

33 Responses

  1. It pains me to say it, but Eminem’s new shit is better than 98% of the other stuff that is coming out right now. At least I’m curious to hear what he’s gonna say next. Hip hop is fucking boring as shit right now.

  2. His voice kind of annoys me now, i will still pirate this album when it comes out though..
    and i must agree, rap these days is like a pain up in my neck.

  3. Wow I’ve never heard him sound more annoying, what’s up with the ultra nasal high pitched flow, it’s like he’s holding back from actually raising his voice so he’s fake yelling or something. Really weird and hard to listen to.

  4. I saw this last night, and I gotta give some props as EVERYONE has come to know that Eminem is all about creating controversy so the gimmick is less effective these days. That being said, after watching this, I did feel a little offended. Next mass murder, he will undoubtedly be blamed and ultimately thrust once again into limelight stardom. Brilliant.

  5. i like this, flow/rhymes are nuts, the higher voice reminds me more of old eminem, oh and he’s 36.

  6. The video made this song 100 times easier to listen to. I agree on the nasal flow, but when I had something to watch while hearing it wasn’t as bad. I deleted this song off my HD after the first 15 seconds of it, strictly cuz of his voice.

    The concept of the video is nice too – with the grindhouse horror movie feel, but yeah – Em’s over 40 now…and well known. Talking about mass murders now that everyone knows you’re not as crazy as people thought…just doesn’t work.

    With that said, Em’s flow on this song is absolutely nutters. I love it.

    But I’m wondering what his deal with Kim Kardashian is.

    1. “But I’m wondering what his deal with Kim Kardashian is.”
      True dat. She’s annoying for sure, but he seems needlessly obsessed for some reason..
      I heard this on The Dope Joints! last week, and without the vid, the track is somewhat humorous. The vid itself is perfectly dark.
      Admittedly, the only thing about this that creeps me out is the Hannah Montana line. I wonder he’ll catch shit like Jamie Foxx did.

  7. i dont really like how the song and the video are somewhat juxtaposed.

    when i first heard it i thought that this was supposed to be a funny song and then i saw the trailer for the video and it seems like he’s using his gimmick formula to try and be controversial and dark.

    i really like the production quality and direction of the video, but i just dont think it fits with the beat and song very well… and the high pitched nasal raps don’t really help either.

  8. I gotta agree about the voice, he sounds like a little kid. The track as a whole sounds too clean for me, doesn’t really fit the mood that he’s trying to establish. Poorly executed if you ask me, but I will want to give it another listen in the studio (I’m on a laptop) and perferably to the actual CD when it’s released.

  9. Dope! And peoples voice change as they age! You expect this guy to sound like how he did at 24? Lets be honest here.

    1. LOL, no one said he should sound like he’s 24, but it’s pretty resounding that this board isn’t feeling how his voice sounds, period – regardless of age.

      Em rapping about serial killing in pop music after he’s done joints like “Ass Like That”, “Encore”, and “Crack a Bottle”…is like Ice Cube rocking all that gangster shit after putting out movies like “Are We There Yet?”

      I’m not sayin…I’m just sayin’.

  10. I love how he’s actually rhyming again…. not crazy about the voice or the beat… and if there wasn’t a video I probably would’ve skipped it…. but at least he’s rhyming again, unlike in Encore…. *barf*…

    anyway, what was the first release?! I must have missed that.

    1. Hahahaha, thanks Balzac… funny video… I never heard that one. Still has the rhymes coming correct tho.

  11. ^word. Moreover, I don’t think that this video is Gimmicky Controversy at all. More just a well done Horror Movie concept video and song. much like the Lexington Whatevski Blood Letting video.

  12. It makes just as much sense for Eminem to be rapping about serial killing, etc… as it does for someone like Necro or any other rapper out there.

    If you think this type of track is any more believable coming from anybody besides an actual convicted serial killer then you are really stupid.

  13. Video looks really really good. I’m not crazy about his angst ridden voice, but I’m surprised at how “rappy” it sounds. The cadence kind of reminds me of west coast underground shit…which is sorta weird.

  14. Easy, Noyz – I’m only comparing it to his past releases.

    It has nothing to do with believability, merely exposure and in part, his success.

    To me, it just comes across as silly without the video.

    1. Fair enough, i think the video makes it seem even more silly though, but i like it with and without visuals.

  15. Em rocks the spot! dude must be fucked in the head though. once you’re on top there is nowhere to go but down

  16. whatever though, im just glad dude isnt rapping about nothing anymore.. atleast theres a bit of substance to his shit again.

  17. This is the first Eminem song I’ve heard in years that I think is cool. The wordplay in this track is amazing.

  18. “What you say is what you say; Say what you say how you say it whenever you saying it;Just remember how you said it when you where saying it…!”

    The realest and illest rapper is back.

    Slim shady rocks!!!