December 21, 2018

Ersatz Splynter – Apartment Number One

The third Fake Four Freecember release of the year comes from Fresno, California’s Ersatz Splynter.

Ersatz Splynter: “I started working on “Apartment Number One” which I recorded all here at my place, two years ago. It was my first time producing, recording and mixing an album myself, but it was something I had been wanting to try for a while. I struggled with it a lot because of the odd, unconventional set up, but after a lot of patience was able to knock out a few tracks. I ended up recording around 20 tracks, but a lot of the beats were too awkward and off beat so I shortened it down to the ones I could listen to without cringing at how off beat the loops were. I didn’t have any way to record for a while after my old computer stopped working, so I had to find a cheap way to record since I didn’t have any money after just moving into a new place and being laid off from work. I hadn’t recorded any new music in a year and being without a set up I started to get really bummed about it, so I ended up getting an old computer from my friend Onewerd for a pretty player price on which I recorded the whole thing. I wasn’t able to make beats on it since it wasn’t compatible with my midi controller so I pretty much made the beats in a loop pedal using a drum pad, and micro korg, completely unquantized, then recorded into pro tools. From there I added sax and anything else extra and gave it a little polish. Then recorded my vocals and sent the tracks to Michael at FBR and he made it sound like actual songs instead of just crusty lo-fi loops with raps over it.”