Nov 25, 2008

Evidence – “Solitary Confinement” (feat Krondon) [video]



  1. metawon

    Siiiick. I’m feelin this.

  2. Jar3tt

    I liked the first couple tracks/videos from the Layover better.

  3. Lyric1

    Pretty good track but I liked the other videos from Layover better. Who’s uglier: Chrondon or Brother Ali?

  4. IP

    ev’s on point, I can dig it…word.

  5. max prime

    chrondon be more ugl,

    wierd vid.
    evidence is a great producer though.

  6. metawon

    I must be sleeping cause this is the first I’ve heard about the layover.
    I’ll have to check for it, Ev’s a monster on the beats lately. Raps are effective too, good voice and shit. Dilated laid back style.
    I’d say crondon is uglier, dude looks like a gremlin or an orc or something.

  7. Balzac

    this is dope. i love evidence production. he’s underrated. the work he did on the last few defari albums was slick.

  8. Balzac

    sid roams produced this joint

  9. DVICE

    this is dope!! thanks

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