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August 6, 2009

Eyedea & Abilities – “Junk” video

First video off of Eyedea & Abilities By The Throat, directed by Maria Juranic.

10 Responses

  1. holy shit is this bad!!
    abilities is a sick dj , but those cuts were awful too.
    nothing good to say about this.
    old e & a was dope, this is def not.

  2. E and A are always hit and miss to me and this ones a miss. they both got skills though

  3. I am lovin the new Eyedea and Abilities album! So many good songs! Abilities cuts are super interesting and musical throughout as well.

  4. the cuts are almost offbeat and intrusive in this song
    if this was made by someone that wasn’t known as e & a are.
    who would honestly like this??

  5. So the cuts are ALMOST off beat..does that mean they ARE on-beat..? I didnt see what was so bad about them; and I read your comment first, expecting to hear said “terrible cuts”.

    I can’t hate this…it’s a new E&A sound; its what I expected with the album. Look at the progression of their career…have they ever made an album that sounded even remotely the same?

    On ‘First Born’ the beats were lacking, but the concepts were fucking crazy, and it really showcased Eyedea as more than a battle emcee, and as a truly skilled lyricist. ‘E&A’ was extremely “hip-hop” in every sense of the word, and a great record…but honestly after Eyedea’s stint with his rock/punk/experimental band, i never saw them making another ‘E&A’ (Although i woild have loved them to).

    This sounds good to me…its something fresh. The beat was really rock influenced obviously, and i dont have a problem with it…plus the video was cool.

    I’m excited to check out the album personally.

  6. I always find myself thinking E&A albums could be so much better – this one wasn’t an exception. But considering how much of their content involves counter-culture that’s probably the way they like it. Have to be in the right kind of mood to enjoy this album, but when I am I enjoy the shit out of it.