Dec 7, 2009

Factor – 13 Stories (A Prelude)


Factor – 13 Stories (A Prelude)

[audio:|artists=Factor|titles=”Sounds Good To Me (Hip Hop)” ft. Ellay Khule + Medusa + Joe Dub]

Factor’s new album 13 Stories (A Prelude) drops Jan 10, 2010 on Ooohh! That’s Heavy! Featuring Awol One, Sole, Onry Ozzborn, Sunspot Jonz, Sleep, Existereo, Cam the Wizzard and many more! All beats produced by Factor.

CD Track list:
01. Sounds Good To Me (Hip Hop) feat. Ellay Khule, Medusa and Joe Dub
02. Don’t Jock The Dead feat. Awol One and Sole
03. Batteries Not Included feat. Onry Ozzborn
04. Black Fantasia feat. Sunspot Jonz
05. Keep It On track Now feat. Sleep
06. Money In The Bank feat. Existereo
07. In Through The Alley feat. Cam the Wizzard
08. Pulling The Wings Off Of Angels feat. Nolto
09. Vicious Cycle feat. Icon the Mic king
10. Luck Ducks feat. Def3
11. Tell Me feat. NoCanDo
12. Sinking Ship feat. Kay the Aquanaut
13. Sacrifice feat. Noah23

Colored vinyl 7″
Side A
01. Sounds Good To Me (Hip Hop) feat. Ellay Khule, Medusa and Joe Dub
02 Money In The Bank feat. Existereo
Side B
01. Don’t Jock The Dead feat. AWOL One and Sole
02. Tell Me feat. NoCanDo


  1. Rewind

    Make sure you grab that vinyl..Sole and NoCanDo murder this..!!
    Very dope album.

  2. This album is real nice.
    p.s. My track is called “Pulling the Wings Off of Angels” not “angles”.

  3. Fatmike

    That Sole and Awol track is amazing. I’ll be picking up this album when it drops in January.

  4. the-girl-next-door

    Can’t wait for this…new year good times

  5. joe dub

    front to back a dope album! what’s up with that song mike?

    • Fatmike

      It’s going to Noel to master when he gets a minute. I’m hella happy with the end product on this one. I’m getting 10 to rap on that other track you did with Alex as well.
      Hit me up when you get a chance fool.

  6. Royal-T

    can’t wait to grab this

  7. deejay emoh betta

    cant wait! graham factor is the homie!

  8. Clever Name

    Got mine today. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.

  9. panos

    can anybody tell me where is the voice sample that factor used for don’t jock the dead track with sole?
    also and i know i am asking too fucking much but if anyone has free time and can write down the lyrics of that song i promise to send him a present.

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