Jul 9, 2008

Factor ft. Awol One – “More Rude Than Handsome” [video]



  1. chris must

    word up to Factor hes the fuckin dopest. rep dem stainz

  2. timbulb

    Good stuff. Love the piano plinking.

  3. max prime


  4. fuckin dope!

    love that theres already two vids for this album out!

    keep em coming!

    factors one of the illest!

  5. Manaz

    love this jam

  6. ethik9

    got this ish on repeat, cool lil video too.
    cant wait for the 19th. shits goin down. word factor.

  7. holy shite

    great stuff once again – this album is gonna blow the fuck up!

  8. it don’t get no better than this

    good work awol and factor…

    awol changed my life

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