Jul 8, 2008

Factor ft. Myka 9 – “Good Old Smokey (My Kanine)” [video]



  1. ceej

    This track is sick! Best Myka 9 song in years

  2. oh my holy fuck!

    great job from everyone involved – this album is so sick!

    everyone go out and cop that disc – factor chandelier


  3. vaj-i-null hips

    damn, good track.

  4. What a trippy little track.

  5. workturkey


  6. sometimes


  7. Fatmike

    Microphone Mike is untouchable. That track is amazing, Factor cooked up a great beat on that one. I’m eagerly anticipating this full length.

  8. ethik9

    all the key ingredients for a great hip hop video.
    cool rapper, provocative woman, some smoke and coloring books.
    props to factor and the new album!

  9. Big up Factor. I got a beat from the homie for my new shit and I’m on his album too

    the videos ill

  10. kaohtix

    damn that’s a great song and video
    anxious for the album

  11. Chedda Cheese

    Myka 9’s flow is still nutttts. That girl in the video could get it too…llolll

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