Jun 16, 2009

Fatt Matt and DJ Moves – “Rusty Hooks” video



  1. This video kills!!

  2. fuck ing awe – some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    the kids wavin their hands like they just dont care are awesome.

  4. Nice. Looking forward to the album.

  5. sadr

    one of the better rap videos i have seen in awhile. real nice song too.

  6. Rickrooster

    This song is horrible.

    moves needs to quit

  7. alter

    ultramagnetic, hope a show rolls thru our neck of the woods

  8. Fatt Matt

    Rickrooster – Don’t watch the video then ya fuckin mook, are you stupid or something?

  9. Fatt Matt

    I’d love to come

  10. sometimes moves comes up average but most of the time he is super ill.. and this beat is bangin. these are the moves drums i love. chopped and raw

  11. ENDUB

    i usually cant stand moves production, but this is DOPE! :)

  12. PrinceBillyDozer

    Yo boys good to see somone is doing somthing dope gettin the hustle on

  13. This is dope! Nice work everyone!

  14. I like the way this track is layed out – dope beat. Kids in rap vids always make me laugh. This kinda reminded me of the one with Roots Maneuva when he beats all the kids at the track and field events.

  15. Tracy

    My kids had a blast working on this video, and even more fun watching it!
    Best of luck in the future with your career, you deserve it.

  16. Fatt Matt

    Thanks Tracy!

    All the best to you and yours as well!

  17. Royal-T

    this shit is amazing.

  18. Props to the director for putting so many kids in the vid. Working with kids sucks most of the time.

  19. Fucko

    This video kills!!! and as ALWAYS…ENDUB and Rick are huge fags! no suprises ;) hahahaha

  20. mattyreed

    Not to mention Morgan, my DP, getting slapped in the face.

  21. Did moves switch from his MPC3000 to a 2000xl?

  22. Fatt Matt

    the dudes who did the vid did an awesome job, kids were pretty good

    a little stressful, i also had my balls punched and shorts pulled off

  23. mattyreed

    Moves borrowed Rhek’s for the shoot

  24. Erin Lowe

    Thanks so much for including Sean in this video. This was right up is alley. He loved doing it and hasn’t seen it yet but is going to LOVE it when I pick him up to show him. Please contact us again for the next cool video-shoot. Good luck–congrats!

  25. Gary Cinise

    haha I like that Staple Singers element

  26. Gary Cinise

    How and when is this being released? I’ve been playing the YouTube just to listen to this song. So good!

  27. PrinceBillyDozer

    Im Glad to see tou grindin Matt when you coming to visit next? hah probally awile look busy to me hah

  28. Fatt Matt

    maybe cd, definitely digital, wrapping the last few songs up on Friday then to be mastered

    dozer – can’t afford to make it out east this summer, but i will be out June 2010 for certain

  29. Info

    this shit was dope. loved the video, its a lot better than most video’s coming out. proppas!!!!


  30. PrinceBillyDozer

    word up, I hear you Money is tight here aswell i would love to make it out there for once Ill hafta check into it Would love to get a gig out thurr to if i came allready set up

    ill probally be here june 2010 hustlin

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