October 13, 2015

Forest in His Heart (Ira Lee) – “Finally You”

New video from the Baby Tiger Kindergarten EP, coming February 2016. Music, lyrics and directed by Forest In His Heart.



Well, travelling is like heroin to a guy like me,
that don’t have any friends unless he’s on the road
I feel like my heart could explode, and no one would be watching what a shame.
Travelling is like a drug you never get enough, you never want to finish once you start.
And I miss, that feeling of being free.
Discovering me.
Getting lost just to spend more time being lost.


Well, travelling has a way that it can make you feel,
Happy to be simply alive.
Because the things that you see, change you forever.
Travelling, there is no other thing, that can compare
When you’re free as a bird, and you’re in a strange place and you can’t speak a single word
You depend on the kindest of other people.
Well, travelling there is no other thing that can compare.

You’re finally you, When you came back from Europe.
You were finally you, On a beach in Greece
You’re finally you, Picking grapes in the south of France
You’re finally you.
Finally you.