Crash Silverback (The Dirty Sample) & Max Muthaphukin’ Stax (Max Prime) – Candy & Coombs

After sitting unreleased in the rap vaults for 7+ years the Candy & Coombs album is now out on digital/cassette via Hand'Solo Records. Features from Addvice, Chadio, Ira Lee, Touch and the late Royal-T.

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Noblonski Remixed – feat. K-The-I???, Kid Presentable, Ira Lee, Morbidly-O-Beats + more

New release from Hello.L.A. featuring remixes by K-the-I???, Morbidly-O-Beats, The Chukchee, Zoën, Marjen, MJC, Limo Depri, For Those Who Still Exist, ...

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Forest in His Heart (Ira Lee) – “Finally You”

New video from the Baby Tiger Kindergarten EP, coming February 2016.

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Forest in his heart (Ira Lee) – “Here Come the Wolves”

New Ira lee music under the moniker Forest in his heart. Live promo video for the debut single “Here Come the ...

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Ira Lee – “Die”

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Boogie Boy Metal Mouth – ‘BRN. TH.’

Video from Boogie Boy Metal Mouth (J. Ring & DJ Emoh Betta), off of their album on I Had An Accident ...

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Little Eskimo Jesus – Could You Please Be Quiet, Please?

Mattr and Ira Lee present this free compilation of unreleased songs written, recorded and produced in Montreal, and Switzerland between 2008 - 2012.

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Unreleased Ira lee

Unreleased album of B-Side tracks featuring K-the-i???, petitBIG, JB, The Fox Heads, Motionless and others.

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Ira Lee – “Time Machine to 1993” feat. Scream Dream Baby

The third video from Ira Lee’s new album, Growl.

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Ira Lee – Growl

New Ira Lee LP out now – his “last and final album” – featuring production from Thavius Beck and others.

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DJ Bizkid – Features & Collabos (2006 – 2008)

New compilation featuring Xczircles, Nomar Slevik, Aamir, Scarub, Konverse, Charade, Ira Lee and more. Out now on Milled Pavement.

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