Dec 10, 2008

Freestyle 101: People Under The Stairs


Thes One and Double K on Freestyle 101.

“You have 400,000 friends on myspace, but when you need to move your couch no one shows up” – Thes One


  1. rickrooster

    PUTS suck

  2. DVICE

    mildly entertaining and comical

  3. rickroo

    normally i’d say handlejacking sucks, but you took the words right out of my mouth, feel free to do the ‘xxxxx sucks’ posts for me on each news item.

  4. doctor who?

    PUTS is dooooope… rickroo(ster) is crazy.

  5. Timbulb

    The tubby dude is way better.

  6. photwentypho

    When is the nue album commyn out … more more more more more dam mut more…. oh … high

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