February 1, 2008

Friday Five On It – Feb 1, 2008

Hangar 18 - Highly Anticipated (video)Hangar 18 “Highly Anticipated” (video)

Dope song and a dope video; these guys are really good live, see them if you can.

Japanese Truck DriversJapanese Truck Drivers have crazy trucks

Photographer Masaru Tatsuki spent ten years with the truckers and their decotora (short for decorated trucks) of Japan’s highways.

The Alarm Clock that Runs AwayThe Alarm Clock that Runs Away

Buy this if you end up hitting snooze too many times; when the alarm sounds it rolls right off your nightstand so you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Tonedeff finally wins over Hip Hop haters, Gibson Guitars

Tonedeff finally wins over Hip Hop haters, Gibson Guitars

After winning Lollapalooza’s ‘Last Band Standing’ in 2006, rapper Tonedeff was supposed to receive a big prize pack of equipment from Gibson Guitars, but they wouldn’t give him his prize because they couldn’t see a reason why a rapper like Tonedeff would need their equipment. Well after finally posting a rant on his blog about “Gibson Hates Hip Hop” and Gibson then receiving the hate, they finally came through yesterday and gave Tonedeff his winnings.

Erykah Badu InterviewErykah Badu Interview at Clutch

Excerpt: “Q: Tell us about your new album, New Amerykah.
First of all, I’m a hip-hop head. For this album, I went deep into the bottom of my hip-hop purse to pull out some of the most creative, scientific, mathematical producers that I could find because that’s what I was feeling at the time. I started to dabble in quantum physics because I wanted to really participate in the changing of frequencies in different areas of music. This whole project is a platform for some of these producers. It features tracks by various underground hip-hop producers who all have a reputation for being visionaries. I felt like it was time to put together a project that not only takes listeners to another dimension but also highlights these amazing scientists.”

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