Feb 29, 2008

Friday Five On It – Feb 29, 2008


2Mex TV interviews legendary producer DeeSkeeTeam 2Mex TV

The first episode of what is to be a weekly video series, 2Mex interviews legendary producer DeeSkee.

Metawon - Electric DyslexicMetawon – Electric Dyslexic

Metawon’s new instrumental offering Electric Dyslexic is the latest in a monthly download series from Calgary based label Neferiu Records. Free download with an option to donate if you like what you hear.

Nicole ForanNicole Foran

New portfolio site for Canadian artist Nicole Foran, showcasing her beautifully detailed new work.


New York Times Magazine article on the evolution of graffiti rooted ink/marker producer, Krink.

Del the Funky Homosapien - “Workin’ It”Del the Funky Homosapien – “Workin’ It”

This week MTVU’s new show The Lab, hosted by Pete Rock, premiered Del’s new video “Workin’ It,” the first single from his upcoming album Eleventh Hour. Look for it in stores March 11th on Definitive Jux.
* EDIT: MTVU videos do not work for Canadians, hopefully youtube will have it soon though.


  1. CountTurrack

    shit the del video is down. people should peep that metawon joint. tis dope…

  2. Nolto

    I’ve already seen Nicole’s new site, and I really like the new work.
    But, she seems to get a lot of things in her eyes… she ought to shield them (unless it would mean not creating such masterpieces. Then, she should grin and bear it).

  3. Del vid still works for me, i wonder if its maybe one of those “USA Only” type of sites.

  4. heywoodjablome??

    that 2mex tv is the ill shit
    wish i could have saw the del vid

  5. Timbulb

    None of the vids on that site work for me. Says “video inaccessible”

  6. Fatmike

    That Deeskee interview on 2mextv is incredible. From Half Moon Bay out to LA he kills every time and sadly most people are completely unaware of how talented homie is. That track he did with Toomer, B-Real, 2mex and Sick Jacken is bananas.
    Keep doing your thing Deeskee.

  7. professor defbeat

    i heard ira lee did a new song with nabehe and verble over a deskee beat. I could be wrong though.

  8. workturkey

    dope five for sure

  9. ira lee

    Deeskee is so sick! I’m happy and priviliged to have rapped on his music….

  10. Chaps

    link to the track?

  11. von christoph

    no doubt!
    im fiending for new ira!

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