Jan 18, 2008

Friday Five On It – Jan 18, 2008


Live Canadian Rap, Love & Hate
Our new feature has spawned opposing reactions on the Sole and PhilaFlava message boards.

RBX Freestyle
RBX on Freestyle 101
A rare appearance from the West coast legend.

Graziano Cecchini’s Balls
Rome has Balls
Italian artist Graziano Cecchini drops 500,000 multi-coloured plastic balls down Rome’s famous Spanish Steps.

Macbook Air
Macbook Air – Thinnest Laptop Ever
It’s like a big ipod, buy me one.

Air Jordan XX3
Air Jordan XX3
In stores January 25.


  1. Chaps

    Reading the Sole Board Thread and the Phila Flava thread took me back to the Hip Hop Infinity days! the response on the Phila Flava Board is nothing short of predictable.

    Best Friday Five on it yet!

  2. kaohtix

    phila flava is funny
    got smitty up in there
    bunch of losers dissing canadian hiphop

  3. Man, talk about polar opposites! Crazy. Props to Smitty for handling internet beef like a pro. It’s like, he doesn’t have to, but he does.

  4. LAFF

    Canadians want to be down so bad, they are like your little brother who starts to act out when you have your homies over. The hunger blinds them. Smitty is a lurker.

  5. I dunno, if “canadians” wanted to be down so bad (cuz kids in suburban usa are so much more street) then wouldnt epic be doing his best impersonation of what’s hot right now, wating to get props on the philaflava board?

    like sorry, if youre looking for cats with a complex about not being american you probably want to go holler at the same wiggers with fake accents that live thrive in the suburban areas of all 1st world countries. canadian ones tho…

  6. ira

    The U.S. of earth is a tampon.

    Come to Canada and we’ll hug it out bucko.

  7. chadp


    message bored people are hilarious

  8. Lukas

    Like Chaps said, it´s easy to predict this type of reaction from folks at PF. The Sole interview is good.

  9. Wow, there’s some crazy shit on Philaflava…