September 29, 2008

Heliodrome – La lumiere ordinaire du jour


Endemik Music has signed their first french-speaking act, Heliodrome from Montreal Canada. Look for their Scott Da Ros produced album, La lumiere ordinaire du jour, coming November 11. The album also features collaborations with Bleubird and Palestinian rapper Boikutt. Vist Endemik’s myspace to preview a couple of tracks from the album.

From the press release:

Formed in 2006, Héliodrome is composed of Khyro, from the Atach Tatuq collective and y.p.l., the mastermind behind the Rosemo(u)nt Antiquartet. The duo quickly bonded over their love of free-jazz, folk, hip hop, experimental music and religious studies. Being inspired by all musical eras since the early 1900s, their sound has a distinct timelessness to it.

If you’re France check them out live on tour:

• October 16 @ Chantiers – Rennes, France
• October 22 @ El Inca – Bordeaux, France
• October 18 @ T’es Rock Coco – Angers, France

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  1. KHYRO AND HELIODROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! Excellent news! Can’t wait to hear the cd from my favorite Montreal group! Have a great tour homies!

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