February 6, 2004



How much do you weigh? Illogic considers himself weightless as he prepares for his long awaited LP: Celestial Clockwork. No one can question this man’s work ethic as him and Blueprint have been on a relentless tour schedule. Since this interview, Illogic has gone back out on tour and has released a nice little teaser entitled Write to Death. These are exerts from a conversation at Scribble Jam and at a show I caught him at later.

Blake G: First, of all tell me about Celestial Clockwork and when it’s coming out.

Illogic: Celestial Clockwork is the follow-up to Unforeseen Shadows. I wrote that album after I wrote US. It took a lot of writing and a lot of planning. But, it will be out this year and its some good stuff. It’s a concept album; really about a lot of stuff I’ve been through, a lot of stories about different music.

How does it compare to your first two albums?

To me personally, I think it’s the best writing that I’ve ever done and I’ve done other albums since then but it’s still the best writing I’ve done. Some may not agree, but I think it is.

So this album is more personal than typical hip hop?

It is extremely personal and most of the stories on the album are true or are different ways I feel about different parts of life. You understand what I’m talking about and understand that it is me. It’s how I really feel about this aspect of life or this situation or this story really happened to me.

Which is better for you: recording or performing?

Well they are both different; you know what I’m saying. Performing is more of an energy release and recording you can get as intricate as you want. It’s more like taking care of a baby. It’s a project; you can mix it master it, go back and re-record it. Just form it into whatever you want to form it into. So, I like both.

How old were you when you wrote Unforeseen Shadows?

A lot of it I wrote when I was sixteen. Most of it was between 16 and 18. A lot of the stuff I used is from when I was in high school. A couple of the songs I wrote in college.

When did you write “Hate in a Puddle” because that is one of your most impressive tracks to me.

I wrote that when I was 18 years old

So why did you cut the dreds?

It was just time for me to cut them. I believe they have spiritual purpose and it was just time for me to start over because I had a lot of memories and history in my hair. I had to get rid of it.

So will it be the same with your music?

Not necessarily. I mean, I’m always doing something new. I try and expand what I’m doing with my music and re-invent myself lyrically. So, it’s a lot of stuff in store.

What else are you working on? How about 8076?

Yeah, that is me and Walter Rocktight; he’s a producer out of Columbus, Ohio. He did a track on the S.A. Smash album that was on Def Jux. We’ve done a 7 inch for a hip hop site. Other than that we’ve got an album done and we’re waiting to see what we’re going to do with it, because Celestial isn’t even out yet. So, I have time to plan it out. But, it’s a more crowd rocking – show album.

Oh Definitely, I’ve heard you perform “Wyld Out” a few times at shows. So I was hanging out with Qwel when you approached him about doing a track. I felt like history was going down in front of me, but along with him who else would you like to collaborate with?

Well, Lord 360 from Chicago. He’s definitely somebody to look out for. He’s going to do big things. He’s amazing. He’s a writer, seriously! On weightless we’ve got CJ the Cynic; he’s on the Weightroom album. Bahdaddy Shabazz, also on the Weightroom. There’s so many people that I have worked with that I want to work with again and there are people I haven’t even met and hopefully I’ll get that opportunity. I would like to do something with Murs. I’d like to do something with (MF) Doom! That would be great!


I think just about anybody would like to do something with Doom.

Yeah everybody wants to do a song with Doom.

Did you catch his performance last night? (Friday at Scribble Jam).

Yeah! Doom has hits. Doom has hits! He just commands presence, he commands attention on stage. He doesn’t have to move a lot. He has that mask on and he just goes and?..yeah.

Well what haven’t we talked about?

Well, Blueprint, Przm and I are doing an album. We started working on a few songs and it will either be an album or an EP, one of the two. We’ve got 3 songs done and it’s a work in progress. We’ll probably put it out sometime next year, maybe, that’s the plan but you know this is hip hop.

I definitely appreciate how Weightless is honest with your release dates and keep the fans informed that release dates probably will be pushed back.

Real Quick, Plead the 5th, he really blew me away with his appearances on the Weightroom and what is the status with him?

Well, Plead went back to school and had some family stuff he had to take care of. He made a choice and he’s doing what is right for him. He’ll probably still do things, but right now he’s concentrating on himself and his family.

You guys just got off tour. Got any good stories from the road?

What happens on the road stays on the road?.haha. Road Rules.

That’s fair enough. Let’s close it out with a fun question. If you were a super hero what would your power be?

If I was a super hero, my power would be psychic. I would want to know the future; so I can know what choices I have to make because life is about choices.