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June 12, 2016

Footnotes Of A Jewels Hunter LP feat. Maker, Qwel, Illogic, Qwazaar, Blueprint, L’Roneous, Self Jupiter

Jewels Hunter

Great new LP from Seattle emcee Jewels Hunter, out now on Galapogos4 (preview + purchase CD/Digital). 11 of 23 tracks are produced by Maker. Featured guests include Qwel, Illogic, Qwazaar, Blueprint, L’Roneous, Self Jupiter and more.

“Over the years, for one reason or another, most of what I’ve made has gone under the radar or just never got put out to begin with. I call these tracks my ‘footnotes’. Every musical piece that I produced on this project is already years old, only the lyrics are new. … After Maker was finished working with Qwel on ‘Beautiful Raw’, he finally had time to start producing newer beats. It is these more recent beats from Maker, along with most of the live instrumentation, features, and lyrics, that make up all that is new on the album. These things were done specifically to act as a kind of ‘glue’, to add a fresh perspective to the project, and make it more cohesive. This body of work then becomes my ‘crown jewels’, and documents my journey as the ‘Jewels Hunter’. I’ve likened the story of this journey to a book, and within that book there are many chapters, so every track on this album is a ‘Footnote’ in the pages of my life; the only difference is, that within this book, the emphasis is on the footnotes, and not the chapters themselves.” – Jewels Hunter.