July 28, 2010

Jeff Spec – “On My Feet” video

Video from Jeff Spec’s latest album Sneakerboxxx, available on itunes / band camp. Directed by Ben Hamilton.

10 Responses

  1. this track is nice, I’ve bumped it on my radio show a few times. Jeff Spec is one of the most solid mc’s in the country, has been for years. don’t sleep.

  2. hahhaha, that was actually pretty funny. i chuckled out loud when he was trying to feed cake to the shoe.

  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone – positive, and constructive! And hey, Rickroo – I agree, I’m not the first to do a song about sneakers… But I do feel I did it justice, and did it in a new and unique way.

  4. From what I know of him Jeff is a really funny quick-witted cat

    This video made me fucking howl