Jul 28, 2010

Jeff Spec – “On My Feet” video


Video from Jeff Spec’s latest album Sneakerboxxx, available on itunes / band camp. Directed by Ben Hamilton.


  1. Avatar Mo Mega

    I used to be like that with kicks, but then I got responsibilities…

    Fresh video.

  2. Avatar Rickroo

    Just what rap needs; another song about sneakers.

  3. Avatar Gary Cinise

    Love it!

    Go buy his fucking album! http://jeffspec.bandcamp.com/

  4. Avatar Royal-T

    this track is nice, I’ve bumped it on my radio show a few times. Jeff Spec is one of the most solid mc’s in the country, has been for years. don’t sleep.

  5. dope! sneaker love…

  6. Avatar Balzac

    hahhaha, that was actually pretty funny. i chuckled out loud when he was trying to feed cake to the shoe.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone – positive, and constructive! And hey, Rickroo – I agree, I’m not the first to do a song about sneakers… But I do feel I did it justice, and did it in a new and unique way.

  8. Avatar Fatt Matt

    From what I know of him Jeff is a really funny quick-witted cat

    This video made me fucking howl

  9. This is just right, the right amount of humor, sick beat I love the cuts and the sample “flyyy kicks on my feet”. Dope vid

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