June 24, 2014

Jellyfish Brigade


There is something about the Northwest, with its abundance of green trees, rivers, hiking and sense of nature all around you that can affect how you live life. Jellyfish Brigade are a group from Portland, Oregon who craft music that oozes with a sense of nature, warmth, and at the same time lives right on the cusp of the Low End Theory fuzzy synth beat scene. With production handled by The Great Mundane, and Lyrics/Vocals handled by MC, and full-time Middle School teach Lucas Dix, Their newest release Diving Lessons is already on my short list of top albums in 2014 already. It exists somewhere between Doomtree and Iron & Wine, with the sharp, introspective writing style of Cecil Otter and Dessa, and has the warmth in sung hooks that remind me of something you’d hear on an Iron & Wine or Bon Iver album. I sat with Lucas Dix a few weeks and we recorded the conversation for a new angle in my interview process. Sit down and listen to me and Lucas go over everything from teaching, music, touring and the loss of his old MC partner Gavin Theory who passed from Cancer two years ago.

Diving Lessons drops June 24th Via Polkadot Mayhem out of Minneapolis.


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