March 29, 2011

Kay the Aquanaut – “I Keep Studying”

Video from Kay’s new album Waterloo, out today on Circle Into Square! Track produced by Zoen.

6 Responses

  1. “I don’t know about solutions, I’m too scared to live and talk that way since I was 6. And Im too scared to see the shift. I paid to learn about the consequences, it’s explained in my tax slip”

    Just curious about these lines? Is this a first or third person rap?

    Good track…

  2. Noah23 i listen to your music for a long time but i have discovered Kay a few time ago and i have to say to you something:your both album are amazing.And just a question:will you still come on Toulouse in France on 18 may?It s a bit far from my town but if you will i will come for sure, i can t missed that.Long life to you