February 3, 2009

King of the Dot: Put Yo Money Where Yo Mouth Iz Vol. 5

A set of photos from the K.O.T.D. Put Yo Money Where Yo Mouth Iz Volume 5 battle in Toronto on January 24, 2009. For video footage and more, check out kingofthedot.com.

10 Responses

  1. yup. that’s the whole point. its about watching a battle through the looking glass of a ketamine addict. if you drop some ketamine you’d understand to whole thing perfectly. you should try it some time, its fuckin great!

  2. The picture is supposed to be fuzzy. That way you don’t realize that that place is actually just filled with a geeky white kids.

  3. These pics suck. What a shitty photographer. There was a bunch of thugs at the battle. We stand in the back. Obviously haha

  4. A couple of the photos are a bit much for figuring out what’s actually going on in them, but I can see the art of them… However, a few of those photos are easy enough to read and have some style to them that sets them apart from other photographers. I dig Jon B’s photo style even if there is the odd shot that goes a bit too far…

  5. You guys who don’t dig the photos are fucking philistines. Essplain to me how he took those shots *technically*… They are artistic gold. Philistines.

  6. Most hiphop heads are philistines to a certain degree…some more so than others. Case in point, try talking other musical genres with a hiphop head. Some, not all, don’t listen to other styles of music.

    I dig these pictures. Reminds me of the days when psilocybin mexicana and LSD were my closest friends. I dont know about going to a show wacked out on hallucinogens…that sounds like trouble for everyone involved.

    Fantasia is the greatest movie ever after 3 hits of some triple dipped starship blotter acid.