Jun 12, 2007

KRS-One Lauching Hip Hop TV Station


KRS says the new station should be launched on a premium channel by the summer and is set to showcase underground hip hop, old school artists, international talent, independent acts, unsigned acts, mainstream acts, R&B influenced by hip hop, etc. Read more here.


  1. Balzac

    Sounds dope, but I would be surprised if he could pull that off. He is always over ambitious. I laugh when he talks about his ‘hiphop city’ he wants to build one day.

  2. ^^word. did anyone read that KRS Exclaim article this month?

    it really put him in a poor light. dont get me wrong, he’s one of the greats, but it seems like his career has been one big blunder after another. I cant see this happening… or lasting.


  3. I found a FOX News interview clip about this… it looks legit!


  4. Royal-T

    hahaha his over ambitiousness is great. cracks me up but it’s awesome.

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