October 6, 2003

Low Pressure Records

Low Pressure Records

Sunday is the worst day of the week during the NFL off season, however August the tenth was no regular Sunday. It was the Low Pressure 1996 reunion tour stop in Saskatoon. I had just returned from Edmonton where I enjoyed a beer fuelled weekend with the Low Pressure show on Friday and the guest appearance of Chino XL in the movie Alex and Emma on Saturday being the highlights. It is always a great feeling to get home after a road trip, however I had no time to relax, in the immortal words of Awol One I still had to be to show on time.

I met up with Moves, Tachichi, Kunga 219, Cee!!!!!!!! , Rhek and Dj Neoteric at the ho jo (Howard Johnson Hotel) after another crazy show. If you ever get a chance to catch these guys live do it or I will personally hurt your feelings with mean words. Or Moves will punch you in the nuts! This is not your typical rapper interview and I am not you typical rap interviewer. It was all freestyle questions straight off of my dome. Now I know most of you will be like nah that was a written question or he used that answer before but I assure you it was all freestyle.

On a side note the Low Pressure banner with the two bottles of XXX alcohol on it is the worlds greatest banner. This spawned my first question:

How come you guys aren’t sponsored by a beer company?

Moves: Ahh, back in 93 my first tour with the group I was in Hip Club Groove we tried to get sponsored by this wine company and the town we were from called Truah NS was called great white its 20% white wine and it costs 12 bucks for a 40oz all the kids in the town (Neoteric adds “it gets ever high school kid fucked) yeah every high school kid gets fucked out of their mind on this drink in Nova Scotia but uhh anyway we try and get this shit because we are going on tour and were like 19 or whatever we drank this all of our life and uhh we had this big presentation and shit too we pitched it to the head honchos and they all seemed like they liked it and we left like being positive and the next day they called us and said no that discouraged me we didn’t get a beer sponsorship like Kunga did.

What did you get for a beer sponsorship?

Kunga 219: We got G’s from Keith’s ( Alexander Keith’s )

Oh ya?

Kunga 219: ya for one song, we gave them one song they took it and fucked the song and made it not sound as good as it originally sounded and gave us $8008.00


Kunga 219: we got no beer and no copies of the CD I had to steal them from my friends I’ve stolen two copies

Where could you get this?

Kunga 219: in 24’s of Alexander Keith’s distributed in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

You had one song on the CD?

Kunga 219: Yeah one song on the urban compilation with was one of three different CD’s available in a certain amount of 24’s

Rhek: Buck 65 has a song on the comp and he doesn’t even drink any beer ever in his entire life Moves: Never once in his life has drank a drink of beer

You serious?

Moves: yeah, that’s the dirt

That’s the dirt?

Moves: and he got money from the beer

Kunga 219: The dirt is the dirt is this is the dirt I will tell you once in one sentence He did not want to take the money because the fact that it was coming from a booze conglomerate but was forced to take the money by his management because he owed that much money to his management so the management took the money directly with out his choice in the moral decision

Moves: that’s bull shit

— At this point in the interview the audio tape is hard to translate but there is a lot of discrepancy about Kunga’s previous statement–

Kunga 219: it’s true, it’s true, he came up to me and told me I don’t want this shit on this compilation, I’m about to turn this money down and I was like give it to Kalib

Moves: all you have to do is kick someone in the balls dude once, then it’s over with

How effective is kicking someone in the balls?

Moves: it could incapacitate them for at least a half a minute

How many people have you kicked in the balls?

Moves: including when I was in junior high and elementary, when like wedges were in effect and shit like that?


Moves: I’d say about 15

Cee!!!!!!!!: that ain’t to bad

Any famous people?

Moves: No

Canadian Famous?

Moves: No

Any Canadian famous rappers?

Moves: I’m gonna smash Cee!!!!!!!! In the balls soon

Cee!!!!!!!!: (said something I could not make out on the tape, too much noise)

Moves: You smashed me in the balls the other night in Banff

How do you feel about that (Cee!!!!!!!!)?

Cee!!!!!!!!: all I’ll say is far as I’m fuckin concerned the cock sucker smashed me in the balls the night before to my recollection which isn’t too good it hurt big time

Moves: But it didn’t even happen, I get punched in the balls and he tells you I did something to him

Cee!!!!!!!!: I can get people to fuckin, I can get see he’s already planning and scheming to the next of me, I can get Turka 902 to tell ya right now that cock suckers did hit me In the balls tell him (Motions to Kunga 219)

Kunga 219: You (Moves) hit him in the balls but you (Cee!!!!!!!!) hit him in the balls harder later

Cee!!!!!!!!: But he in retrospect bag tagged me more then I bag tagged him

Kunga 219: We already agreed on all of this

— At this point in the interview everyone is trying to convince Moves to bag tag Cee!!!!!!!! Rhek and Neoteric suggest that Moves do it for noyz319 at ugsmag. —

Cee!!!!!!!!: we will do it for National Geographic were not doing it for noyz though

Everyone is laughing hysterically at this point

Moves: National Geographic, are you talking about being naked and shit?

Cee!!!!!!!!: were on the goddamn Ethiopian steez

What’s the Ethiopian steez?

Cee!!!!!!!!: The Ethiopian steez is when all them got no clothes on and just fucking uhh barbaric, barbaric style

Do you try and incorporate that into your songs?

Cee!!!!!!!!: No, I wouldn’t fuckin insinuate that because I have never been to Ethiopia and I don’t know how it actually is but I assume that mother fuckers come from different places trying to assassinate people from Ethiopia. You have no choice but to be a barbarian

— Another out burst of hysterical laughing —

Moves: I keep my clothes on

What can you(Cee!!!!!!!!) base those thoughts on?

Cee!!!!!!!!: On National Geographic commentary

True nuff, true dat!!

Cee!!!!!!!!: Not that I trust those faggots

— A conversation breaks out about how this is the best interview ever and everyone can not wait until it is published. Neoteric suggests that Cee!!!!!!!! Break it down and deliver the real knowledge. However the knowledge is interrupted by a guy perpetrating that he is Al Swanski. —

Cee!!!!!!!!: what the update on it, I’ll give you the knowledge

Al Swanski: What do you mean?

Cee!!!!!!!!: well what you were just saying fucking to him

Al Swanski: well I was trying to figure out if he actually knew who Al Swanski was

Cee!!!!!!!!: I don’t know fuck all about

Al Swanski: Al Swanski is the type of guy that been around. He kind of done a few things. He made moves in the industry. He’s just try’n to, he’s just coming up

Cee!!!!!!!!: Is he keeping it discrete?

Al Swanski: Ah yeah he’s keeping it real. Calling down to radio stations winin prizes what not and stuff like that. Making prank calls

Moves: Free burger King Meals and that?

Al Swanski: yeah

What’s your favorite fast food Moves?

Moves: Rascoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles

Is it good?

Moves: It’s actually the best

Best ever?

Moves: Best thing I ever ate!

What’s the best thing to eat in Vancouver?

Moves: Best thing to eat in Vancouver is moldy vegetables that cost a dollar mixed with rottini

— Al Swanski rudely interrupts at this point and the audio makes no sense as Cee!!!!!!!! Calls Al a Mason, Moves calls him Al Sharpton and the laughter and banter is fast and inaudible. At this point Tachichi steps in to regain a sense of order. —

Tachichi: Stop this shit! You need to be backing off of my man, this is dj moves master of the booze. (He goes off on a rant that is too long to type but soon back and this is what he had to offer) Where we at Saskatoon? OK, everything is fuckin lovely man like we just made the record and fuckin ahh and I got my boy Rhek One over there holler like you know the shit man I ain’t trying to say nothing but I’s drunkie you need to do (can’t make out the word) cause I’m way to funky. I’m out her like you sisters underwear dude.

Neoteric: Best interview ever!

Low Pressure

Too much laughing and chaos! Cee!!!!!!!! requests that the Mason be removed.

— The interview tries to take a more serious approach but Cee!!!!!!!! says he doesn’t want to get too serious. —

What can people expect from the Cousins of Def release?

Cee!!!!!!!!: Well the Cousins of Def release on the Low Pressure records label is a friggen project that we friggen made over a span of about six months. It’s pretty remarkable

Neoteric: He’s really not saying that it was really the shit

Cee!!!!!!!!: It was in the mist of uhh, the previous projects like the arseholes, and the booze brothers that we released before that and the energy just kept going and we had her all in tact and fuckin it was basically just the, what can I say, it’s unique, it’s sexual, it’s all the beautiful things you want all the sexual things you want on a rap record.

Rhek: Tell him about the Lesbians in Vancouver

Yeah tell us about some Lesbians in Vancouver!

Cee!!!!!!!!: Lesbians in Vancouver have some sexy tracks in their arms. There usually purple red not pink and that’s how you know hookers are hookers because if their tracks are just fuckin beginning to form you know they have only been hookers for a minute. But if they are purple you can usually score a blow job for a good $5.

Word, do you know this from experience?

Cee!!!!!!!!: I know from experience and my man put me on from back in the East Van. I’m not going to expose his identity cause it’s incriminating evidence may That’s fair enough! I don’t want you getting punched in the face. You might get hit in the balls later but not punched in the face

Cee!!!!!!!!: I’ve been punched in the face a few times. When it’s unexpected it’s beautiful but when it isn’t it’s not so great. Cause it hurts from a sexy fuck.

When’s the last time you got punched in the face?

Cee!!!!!!!!: Well I got punched in the face uhh…Neoteric suplexed me earlier this evening and almost broke my hand

Before the show?

Cee!!!!!!!!: No it was just like 20 minute ago, but last I got punched in the face was back in 99. Fuckin I had 5 dudes jump me in a vehicle right in front of my old high school that I graduated from the same year and uhh my boy took off runnin up the street because he got jumped in front of a club the previous night and got a bottle smashed over his head and was afraid of his stitches bustin open. So that was the reason for the whole thing. It wouldn’t have been such a violent attack if he didn’t fuck off.

— At this point Kunga 219 tells Cee!!!!!!!! to expose this guy’s mc name. Cee!!!!!!!! says a name that I can not make out on the tape. Kunga tells him to expose his real rap name Cee!!!!!!!! reluctantly reveals that it is EMO (Energy Manipulative Organism). At this point there is a lot of people talking and it really doesn’t make any sense. Kunga spits in Cee!!!!!!!!’s face as Tachichi reenters the scene and this is what he has to say about the Cousins of Def CD. —


Tachichi: The COD record. Let me tell you about the COD record, the COD record is real big man. It’s me my man Cezzle, they call him Cee!!!!!!!! around the way, Dj Moves. We made a record were we could actually have fun. Ahh , have a detailed description of what we do every day without sounding like we are making the next fucking (pause) the next fucking dope hip hop album or whatever you want to call it. None classified right. Just going out doing whatever the fuck we want to do. Were making booze heists, were making songs like barbecues, were making songs about women, were making songs about our life, were making songs about everything and it all collaborated , its all collectively done in one album and its just crazy dude. Craziest rhymes I ever heard, It’s all fuckin done by everybody’s perspectives, me and Cee!!!!!!!! and it’s just completely off the hook and that’s just what we did man.

And everything ended up turning out gravy and it’s a dope ass album COD. My boy Rhek One over there making the cover making it look like it’s fuckin big time you know what I’m sayin.

Cee!!!!!!!!: Like it’s a Jay-Z record or sumthin. It’s got a cover that’s up to par and I like big fuckin tits!

— At this point Rhek One is hollerin about an alleged incident involving noyz319, my mom’s car and another car. I can not confirm or deny the validity of this claim. All I know is everyone is okay including my mom’s car. Neoteric is Wearing a Relativity records shirt and Cee!!!!!!!! goes off on a tangent about the Mo Thugs Family and others on the Relativity label. Cee!!!!!!!! wants to also make it clear to all the people out there that Cee!!!!!!!! has eight exclamation marks. Don’t get it twisted! —

Who do you listen to?

Cee!!!!!!!!: uhh, The No littles album- The feeding, what else are we feelin right now? The Three 6 Mafia-the breakable, the latest Tech Nine album absolute power which is totally good, The SMG album which is a collaboration between Ice-T, Smooth the Hustler and Trigga the Gambla. The new Good albums which ain’t out yet but is bagnin as old shit.

When’s the new Goods album coming out?

Kunga 219: The new Goods album is coming out in September.

What can people expect?

Kunga 219: aaahhhhh, what do you think? I don’t know what you would think. For real it would start off with a lot of good raps and a lot of good beats and would end up with a lot of good beats and a lot of good raps.

Who’s producing it?

Kunga 219: It would all come from Gordski.

All Gordski!

Kunga 219: yeah of course what else. I mean we had some in between moments but they weren’t very long. Nor, they were exceptional, they were.

None the less they were in between moments. What we have here is the holy two nugget grail and it consists of two humans. And we got it! Dude we got it!

Who are the two Humans?

Kunga 219: Gordski and Kunga 219 man this is the stupidest shit ever. Like look at us you can go any were and nothing is sacred dude. Were takin it down. Pullin it off the walls. Screamin it in between . Shittin in the unflushable toilet. So to speak.

Moves: Kunga 219 is the impotent man when the world falls apart and there is only one man left.

Cee!!!!!!!!: But he still locks it down like a gorilla pimp. If there’s no broads left to pimp he’s pimpin the trees and the nut holes. All I want to do uis spread love to women with big fuckin boobies! And that’s it!

Moves: It don’t even matter about there face. It’s only if they have big boobies. They could even have no head.

Cee!!!!!!!!: I don’t give a fuck about, actually all they got to have is a torso with a pair of tits on it.

— Everyone is kind of bewildered about the statement that Cee!!!!!!!! just made. There is some laughter but the interview just moves on. Pardon the pun. —

What kind of moves Low Pressure going to make in the years to come?

Moves: We try to make money and put out records. That’s it.

That’s the future game plan?

Moves: Yeah well you know. It would be good to put out 12″ but that costs too much money.

This is why it is so important to buy music. Support all Canadian independent hip hop!!! Buy Records and CD’s so people can continue to press up more!

Neoteric: We got some big shit coming up for sure a lot of large projects in the works we can’t speak about right now because we are finalizing the details on it.

Moves: I’ll give him the scoop!

Neoteric: No don’t give him the scope

Moves: Were talking to Twin Gambino of the Infamous Mobb and were trying to get the guy with the low voice that sounds like Nine. I think it’s Nine myself.

— Security rolls up because we are outside of the hotel room and are being too loud. The interview takes a brief pause while the most timid security guard tries to tell us to move inside the rooms and be quiet. We get back to talkin some Low Pressure business. —

Moves: Were making a 12″ soon, I think we are going to stop making cd’s for a minute. Make a couple 12″.

And then recoup (cost)

Moves: In Canada I don’t think you can recoup on 12″. I don’t think you can no matter what. Maybe wit like a white label and put a stamp on it. A white fuckin sleeve.

What about 7″?

Moves: There good too, but they are not as good to play.

That’s the new trend in hip hop right now!

Moves: Cause it’s so fucking cheap. Everyone’s so cheap. Muther Fuckers. Fuck off with your 7″ shit. This ain’t no 1960’s pop shit. We ain’t tryn to make the shit like that. Hip hop is hard!

— We move inside were Kunga 219, Tachichi, and Cee!!!!!!!! drop exclusive freestyles for this interview. You will have to take my word that they were off the wall. —

Neoteric comes in to say the last word and his take on things!

Neoteric: Man this was the crazy shit. But what I gotta do is shouts out to Chaps, Matt (Hip Hop Bear DSU Network) Thanks for bringing it to Saskatoon Edmonton, East to West 96 Reunion tour commin you way. I just gotta shout out Chaps again for ugsmag. We met noyz last night in Edmonton and he held it down. We gotta shout out Weez-L and Chase!

Word if you ever get a chance to see any of the Low Pressure guys play live, do it! They all rip and all are extremely top notch people. Thanks to Moves, Tachichi, Kunga 219, Cee!!!!!!!!, Neoteric and Rhek One. 1996 Reunion tour was insane and it will go down in Canadian folklore history. Next time be a part of that history! If you are interested to hear how this all translates to cd you can pick up all the Low Pressure releases from the ugsmag store!


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