September 30, 2013

LT Headtrip

LT Headtrip
Photos by @MikePetrow
LT Headtrip a.k.a. Filth Beast a.k.a. Uncle Comfortable a.k.a. Dome Wrecker. We Are the Karma Kids. One half of the group SARCASMO (LT Headtrip x Samurai Banana), affiliated with the likes of Web, Googie Go Hard, & General FX. Originally hailing from Ohio but now running things in Queens, LT Headtrip is a maniac. Google the track “Lessen Plan”, oh wait you can’t. First time I saw Headtrip rock was at one of Creature’s Coffee Grind shows last year, it was so live.

Give us the story behind your latest release, Webtrip.

“Intergalactic Leprechaun” – Web

A few years ago, Web showed up to Banana’s spot in Queens with a beard and a mission. We recorded eight tracks, a few with Googie, and then he launched back into space.

Webber returned this winter with a guitar, a bingi and a melodica. We got lost for a few days and recorded all the music for the rest of the album, then spent the next month or so finishing up. Web recorded “What to do About,” mostly off the top, shotgunned a 24 of Bud, and left for Thailand.

I met Web when i met Googie. They were in a hip hop quartet, the C-4 Movement. Shouts to Alpha and C-Write Crills. We were some of the only talented, passionate cats at our school (what up Mike Petrow) and, after a few years, started working together. That’s where Webtrip, Go Hard Or Go Homeless (can’t find it online) and the Bald Afro (me and Googie’s future release) were birthed.

Web’s a beautiful thing. I’ve seen him write a song in twelve minutes. He writes a hook the first time he hears a loop. His energy is contained nuclear technology that only one man understands and never falls into the hooves of the military. I can’t wait to do this again.

There were no drugs abused or harmed in this video right?

I should have never shown my ass on camera. I’m so embarrassed that all of my friends saw my butt again. I don’t think I have over 600 friends so I’m not sure if 555 Rando Calrissians saw it or if my friends have been staring at my ass. Also, I was on a table for an hour with meat on my belly and toilet paper on my face and we only used a second or three of it. That’s what happens when i try to co-direct a video, I guess. My mom told me I should have used Vitamin C instead of powdered sugar. Sara says baby laxatives.

I heard you have a Major in Linguistics, word?

I have an MA in linguistics with a specialization in forensic linguistics. Just because you speak the language doesn’t mean you know how to analyze it. We all adhere to laws of gravity and I have yet to hear an explanation that I feel is honest. Threat letters, false confessions, suicide notes. Hit me up. I’ll kill that shit.

AND you can beat box?

Linguistics and beat boxing are intertwined for me. I would teach students IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and how to beat box at the same time.

[p t k t p t k p t] and so on.

Started when I was eleven. Practice in the shower– constant water and dope acoustics. My lyrics get pretty racy and I’ve found that my ability to beat box wins over people that don’t enjoy my lyrical content and reckless stage presence. The beatbox makes them accept the filth beast.


How’d you link up with Samurai Banana?

The first thing he said me to was, “You’re gonna hate me, but you look like Aesop Rock.” I’ve been biting banana’s production style for years. He’s been biting mine back. It’s like doing a backflip and kicking your buddy under the jaw and you hit him so hard that he does a backflip and kicks you under your jaw. The cyclical kicks are so strong that they blast you off the ground. Before you know it, you’re in the cosmos. We met on a rock and ended up in another galaxy together, biting, kicking and fucking each other.

Now a word from Tim Lee:
“Well, Long Island is a desolate fucking place, I know. I went to school there. That’s where I met Samurai Banana (and LT Headtrip). It sucks even worse when you want to do something like make art. So to quit flogging a dead horse, I met like minded people and kept them in my life, because that’s what anyone does, frankly. These cats just made great music and were great dudes.”

You made bank off this commercial right?

Anheuser-Busch came to me in the summer of 2011 with a challenge: “Can you poorly chug a forty of the premium malt beverage, hurricane, and get it on camera?” I said “fuck no,” but then a hurricane came to the east coast and I decided to go through with it. One Flip Cam, one Nick Losinno, one shot. Still haven’t seen any paper. Bullshit.

What can we expect on your LP with Googie Go Hard?

We had fun on Webtrip. The Bald Afro is a hang over. This record is more evil than whimsical. Googie’s a lyricist. His metrical understanding of rhyme schemes intrigues my own, and I don’t find that very often. My gratitude toward his willingness to work with me is only matched by my loyalty to our friendship. All he ever wanted was a Hype Man and a DJ. Me and Banana got that. The Bald Afro will be my first release on Reservoir Sound.

LT Headtrip

What happened to your Open Mic at Hell Gate Social?

It’s important to know when something’s over. Holding on too long only complicates shit. Open Mic Surgery was one of my babies, and I loved it and beat it and now I’m abandoning it. Typical.

The Karma Kids had a great run at that venue. Our last show we put on had Open Mic Eagle and billy woods on the bill, and that’s enough for me. My open mic ran a strong ten months. Our first shows were reminiscent of what the Karma Kids did on Wrong Island for a few years with The Broosevelts.

Also, fuck anyone that says, “We should put a cap on the hip hop acts. There’s too many. Don’t get me wrong. I love rap. I like to go to rap shows in Williamsburg and be the only white guy.” Apparently you’ve never been to a rap show in Williamsburg.

I hear you’re going on tour with Nasa eh?

Uncommon Nasa and I share a need to make music that comes honestly from the discontent individual. I know him from his work with Def Jux and his label, Uncommon Records. He asked me if Banana and I wanted to hit the road with him this November and it was a no-brainer. Dude’s a OG.

We got cool at SXSW this year. Nasa, who has sworn about two times on his records, was asked by a bus driver to watch his language. That’s the moment I knew we would work well together. Also, my cat ate my speaker when I played his albums. Sold. Added Googie to the mix since we’re dropping an album soon and booked some shit.

How you like looking at them faces dog?

One time i gave a hobo a match on the L at 5AM and everyone was mad at me so I smoked his cigarello with him. Your label-mates, Warren Britt and A.M. Breakups, gave me the green light the night I wrote that verse.

Web usually says nice stuff and i usually say mean stuff. We switched faces. you’ll notice I start calm, get fucked up and then go Headtrip on this record.

Tell us about your project with General FX.

Just tryin to make lots of money off this record. Lots and lots. Bundles. There’s a lot of calm music made by artists who wish to be content and create palatable sounds. This is not one of those records. I came to GFX with an interest in his production. I heard a short sample on Soundcloud and realized nobody had tapped into it. I figured I’d compliment his raw, angry, paranoid style. I haven’t felt like I was a punk band since Dennis Nedry and the Marlbros (R.I.P?).


I’m allowing myself to scream on this record.

Anything else?

Other than Bald Afro and my record with your interviewer, I have a project with Depfotec, another Sarcasmo record and a solo album in the works. Me and Defpotec call ourselves “Impervious Machine” and you will too, shortly. My solo shit will be out when I fucking feel like it. I’m also producing an album for Old Self, a dude from CT that i fucks with. Me and Googie will also be featured on an album by ShoDAflowMAN of Midnite Society. I got a track on “Over It” coming out, too, by ICK’s maniac, Spaceman. Sarcasmo started working on our next album the day before Cousin Id was released and will be back after we figure what the fuck we did with all these bodies.

we are the karma kids