May 20, 2009

Manik – “Commerical Drive”



  1. this video was made in 06…but it had to be taken down off the net to be in a buncha film festivals…we just got her back up …enjoy peoples

  2. Royal-T

    hahahaha cee!!!!!!! on the bench, nice

  3. sickkkkk!

    100% classic

  4. metawon

    Good song, but what the fuck is ceeee saying?

  5. metawon

    metaredardation? maybe. maybe.
    Still though I went back and its hard to understand cee.
    Whatever I’m a douche.

  6. Nah dude is really difficult to understand but I figured between a repeating hook and the title of the song, most would get it.

  7. That shit was ill.

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