August 22, 2009

Meanest Man Contest, Bomarr, Copy, Roman Ruins – Designed Entropy I

Meanest Man Contest, Bomarr, Copy, Roman Ruins

New 7-inch colored vinyl featuring Bomarr (Restiform Bodies), Meanest Man Contest, Copy, and Roman Ruins. Each of the 500 copies comes accompanied by a download code for the MP3 files. Designed Entropy I drops September 15 on Gold Robot Records, pre-order here and check out their myspace to preview the tracks.

The first entry in the Designed Entropy series features exclusive tracks by 4 different artists inspired from a common starting point. As a cohesive unit, this EP explores the relationship between design, structure, and humanity. Suggested reading to accompany the listening experience: “Atlas of Novel Tectonics” by Jesse Reiser.

A1 : Bomarr – Exchanges Among Systems
A2 : Copy – Karate Eyes
B1 : Meanest Man Contest – Takitani Edit
B2 : Roman Ruins – Plea For Permanence

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