Sep 22, 2008

Megabusive – “Yo-Yo-Yo-YoYo-Yo” [video]



  1. chaps

    Not feeling this unfortunately. Megabusive is usually pretty dope! The beat is terrible.

  2. CountTurrack

    i like this cut. video is obviously not breaking ground but its cool….

  3. joe dub

    malone….your opinion is yours….but this shit is….vintage mega…..i couldn’t hear him any other way…..chip along with subtitle are 2 fools that have always had their sound….from the time i met them….and have never swayed…..the computer chip album will have a strong impact…….and people will remember why they loved this fool in the first place!!!!! chip never got the recognition he deserved….but he’s puttin in the work now to make up for that!!!!!

    my brother can still rip a head off and dominate the microphone…..and he proves it here!!!!! YO YO YO YO

    workforce is on a roll!!!!

  4. ceej

    This is dope, i think the beat fits perfectly! Too bad the video quality is shitty though.

  5. Chaps

    The rapping on this song is awesome! Megabusive kills the rhyme the beat just does not do him justice in my opinion. The sequencing of his verses with the yo’s is off. Regadless it is great to hear a new Megabusive track! I am looking forward to the album.

    You know my love for the west is infinite I am not feling this track it happens.

  6. Fatmike

    This is amazing. Megabusive is one of the dopest emcee’s out. That video is hella funny. Hopefully he puts it down with the Machete Vox folks. Megabusive with Conceit and Z-man over a Dnae Beats track. It would be over.

  7. Pretty dope, never heard of this guy before – definetly an ill rapper. I agree on the beat though, it sounds like a keyboard demo preset.

  8. joe dub

    for those not in the know…….mega was a member of FTA(with members smash adams and pilot rase(who’s responsible for the graffiti fonts everyone is using these days)…..chip(mega) was also a member of the west coast workforce with myself…subtitle…radioinactive…xololanxinxo…premonition…anti mc…life rexall…omid…and a few others……he was also an early member of anticon! he’s a former bay area battle champion and has been doin his thing now for about 17 or so years!!!

  9. this tracks is heavyweight, both beats and rhymes are killer.



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