Sep 25, 2007

MF Grimm – The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man


MF Grimm - The Hunt for the Gingerbread ManIn stores today. The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man is based around the adventures of MF GRIMM’s criminal alter-ego the Gingerbread Man in the metaphorical world of Candyland. A fully realized and highly conceptual album, it’s also the darkest of his career. Check for more info.


  1. grimm is my biggest creative influence next to jann arden.

  2. craletap

    trapped on the planet of pain and perpetrators
    that you call earth but i call hell’s equator.

  3. GorJus

    I can’t find this anywheres

  4. jayoh fellonious

    this album is amazing. MF Grimm will likely be my favorite very soon. I will cop this on wax as soon as I see it…I suggest everybody do the same.

  5. jtizzle

    Amazing album. The concept is great and Grimm stays with it the whole way through. One of the true gems of 2007.

  6. Edmund

    stricknnine’s production is like listening to the golden era, with tha new school flavour…
    grimm gets better with age..

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